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David Withers

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I am a Partner in the Serious Injury team in Sheffield. I work on cases involving head, spinal cord, multiple orthopaedic and/or psychiatric injuries.

I have the same rights of audience as a Barrister in Court, which means I am able to represent my clients at interlocutory Court hearings, such as case management conferences and pre-trial reviews. 

I am passionate about charity and community work, and over the last few years have been involved in a variety of fundraising activities for several charities. In 2012, I slept outside Sheffield Cathedral to raise money and awareness of homelessness.

I am also a Trustee at Headway Derby, a charity helping people cope with the effects of brain injuries. In my role I try to maximise the quality of service so that individuals and their families have the right support, guidance and skills in place to move forwards after a traumatic injury.

Notable Cases

  • Our client suffered a non-accidental injury at a very young age. We made an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and secured an award of £3.3 million. 
  • Our client, a young adult with autism, suffered a severe psychiatric reaction after a road traffic collision. We secured an £80,000 settlement.
  • Heavily involved in two cases where the individuals had suffered from sustained physical, emotional and sexual abuse, in an application to CICA. We ended up securing the maximum award under the scheme of £500,000.
  • Our client was left paraplegic after a spinal cord injury. He then developed a syrinx. The case settled at a negotiation meeting for £3.2m. The settlement also allowed him to return to Court in the event his condition deteriorated further. 
  • I helped secure compensation and a bespoke rehabilitation package for a client with serious traumatic brain injury. The case settled for £5.5m. 

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role?

I thoroughly enjoy being part of a process which helps individuals who are at their most vulnerable overcome their injuries and maximise their quality of life after suffering from serious injuries.

What Do You Do Outside The Office?

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, reading, relaxing with friends and family, watching sport and socialising.

Client Testimonials

"My life has completely changed now and I couldn’t be happier. A big thank you for all your hard work with the case and a thank you to everyone at Irwin Mitchell for all the support I’ve had." - Anonymous

"All members of the team working for me on my case worked with the utmost professional approach to all situations throughout, they not only supported me but also my family. The team were extremely hard working, trustworthy and very friendly.  I view them as friends."  

"We have worked alongside David on several cases. Throughout a case David and his team work exceptionally well as part of the rehabilitation multi-disciplinary team. He strives to maintain client centred rehabilitation as core whilst running the legal case concurrently. ​He ensures a high level of communication with the MDT which leads to the smooth delivery of the rehabilitation package. This allows the optimum outcome for the client." -  Anna Wilkinson, Managing Director at More Rehab Ltd.

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 24/05/2019
    Derbyshire Man Who Suffered Serious Brain Injury In Crash Looks To Future After Receiving Settlement

    “Paul’s story vividly highlights the huge impact that brain injuries can have. The injuries he suffered in the collision have had a profound effect on him and his family. “More than two years on he still faces a number of challenges to overcome his injuries the best he can. “While nothing will make up for what has happened we are pleased that Paul can now access the vital treatment and therapies he requires. “Action for Brain Injury Week acts is an important reminder of the huge challenges that survivors of such problems can face. Fatigue in particular is a tough issue which can often be misunderstood.”

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  • 10/11/2017
    Grieving Dad Of X Factor Star George Shelley Speaks Of Fight To Overcome Injuries As Driver Admits Causing Crash

    “Every day remains a struggle for Dominic as he continues to try to overcome the terrible injuries that he suffered during the collision. This has been made even harder by the fact that he has had to move out of the family home and further compounded by the tragic death of his youngest daughter, Harriet. “While Dominic has made some progress, he faces a long journey to maximise his recovery. We are pleased that the driver responsible for the crash has admitted his guilt, preventing Dominic from having to go through the trauma of reliving the collision in court. We were concerned that it took many months for the defendant to accept his guilt and this has obviously slowed down the progress that Dominic could have made with his rehabilitation. The delay has also put additional pressure on Dominic and his family. “This case sadly highlights the need for motorists to pay attention on the roads and in particular to be aware of motorcyclists. “Irwin Mitchell will continue to support Dominic during his recovery.”

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  • 06/06/2017
    Expert Serious Injury Lawyers Welcome IAM RoadSmart 12-Point Road Safety Manifesto

    “While it’s true that the UK has one of the best road safety records in Europe, we’re still seeing so many needless deaths and life-changing injuries either through dangerous or careless driving, drink or drug driving or simply driver inexperience. “The nature of our work means we have seen the devastating and life-changing consequences a road collision can have on those involved, particularly vulnerable road users like children and cyclists. Accidents can result in long-term physical and psychological trauma, which can have a dramatic impact on the rest of victims’ lives and often require extensive physical and psychological rehabilitation. “Anything that can prevent such trauma and loss in a grass-roots way, such as IAM RoadSmart’s new driver proposal, has got to be positive. Change, of course, begins with road users taking responsibility for their actions, understanding the inherent risks of driving and ensuring that their safety and that of others is always the top priority. “Any number of road-related deaths is too many but the figure released by IAM RoadSmart only serves to demonstrate that important work still needs to be done to tackle this issue.”

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  • 08/05/2017
    Action for Brain Injury Week - A Reminder Of Importance Of Rehabilitation

    “Through our work, we have seen numerous instances when people’s lives have been turned upside down as a result of a traumatic brain injury, whether it is survivors themselves, family members or friends. “It can be an incredibly difficult period of anyone’s life, but we also know how rehabilitation and support can help survivors get the best from life. “We are a proud supporter of the work of Headway and we absolutely welcome the focus of this year’s Action for Brain Injury Week. It is a vital reminder of how so many survivors are able to overcome incredible obstacles to regain much-needed independence.”

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