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E-scooter casualties surge by 194%: What is the law surrounding e-scooters, where can you ride them legally and why new legislation is needed

E-scooter usage continues to grow, particularly in our cities. Representing a cheap, green alternative to driving, these micro-mobility devices are increasingly popular. However, in spite of them being commonly available to buy across the country, those bought privately can only be lawfully used on private land.

You’re otherwise only legally allowed to use an e-scooter when rented from a government approved rental scheme within one of the 30 designated pilot areas in the UK. In spite of this, the prevalence of private e-scooter use continues to grow and this will only continue.

E-scooter collisions rise by nearly 200 per cent

Much has been written about the dangers posed by e-scooters. The Government’s latest data on collisions in 2021 now reveals the true extent of this. 

Compared with 2020, there has been a 194% increase in people injured through e-scooter incidents, with the number of collisions trebling.  

Reported collision involving e-scooters jumped from 460 in 2020 to 1,352 in 2021.

Of these incidents, 324 of those involved no other vehicles. This perhaps highlights the potential dangers posed by e-scooter use paired with lack of experience, inadequate road surfaces and the lack of regulation in their design to ensure riders’ safety.

Casualty figures surged to 1,434 compared with 484 in 2020.  Of those, 229 pedestrians suffered serious or slight injuries as a result of collision.  Tragically, 10 e-scooter riders were killed – an increase over the one person killed in 2020.

The consequences of crashes 

Sadly, I often represent people in the aftermath of collisions where life-changing injuries have been suffered or people have been killed. This is why it is essential that the government does not delay any further in responding to the growth of e-scooter use.


The Government must establish legislation to govern the use of e-scooters and introduce measures to make our roads as safe as possible. 

Simultaneously, the Government needs to provide a remedy to help compensate those affected by collisions involving e-scooters. This is because people will require specialist legal advice to ensure access to rehabilitation to help overcome their injuries. Legal support is also required to assist people in coming to terms with a death and compensating them accordingly.

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