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What will yoga teach you about divorce?

I was instantly drawn to this blog post as a both a family solicitor and a trainee yoga teacher. There are some insightful points within this article - most importantly: breathe, have patience, learn to love yourself, no pain no gain, in with the good and out with the bad, you have to keep showing up if you want to make any progress. These are also good lessons for life in general and all challenges that we face from day to day.


At first blush they seem so different. Yoga and divorce. One is so Zen. The other is about as "un-Zen" as you could possibly get. Yet, as I was trying to balance in Eagle pose yesterday, standing on one leg with my arms and legs wrapped around each other like pretzels and the sweat pouring off of me in the 105 ̊ heat (I do Bikram yoga. Yes. I know. It's hot.) it occurred to me: yoga can teach you a lot about divorce.Here are ten things I discovered about divorce in yoga class.”