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Later Life Packages

Our fixed-fee later life planning packages help you and those managing your affairs make the right decisions to prepare for later life.

Whether you’re thinking of moving into a care home or need to manage someone’s affairs, our packages offer step-by-step guidance and practical legal advice tailored to your needs. Find out more below on what each package offers.

Attorneyship Support

Being an attorney for someone is a big responsibility and understanding your role will help you make the right decisions. Our attorneyship package helps you work through what you need to do and highlights any important issues you need to consider for the person you're looking after.

Deputyship Support

Being someone’s deputy means managing things like their finances, property and personal welfare if they can’t do it themselves. Our deputyship package helps you cover all the important parts of being a deputy so you have peace of mind you haven’t missed anything.

Planning For Care

Making the decision to move into a care home or helping a family member move into care can be daunting and stressful. Our planning for care package gives you and your family legal and practical guidance on the steps you can take to arrange care in later life.


Relationships in later life are a wonderful thing but can come with tricky legal implications for the families involved. Our relationship package helps you consider what steps to take to protect yourself and the people you care about if you or a relative is entering a new relationship.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We all want our families to get the most out of their inheritance so it's important to plan ahead. Our Inheritance Tax Planning package will help you take advantage of any available tax relief so you can pass on as much as possible to your loved ones.


As you get older, you may start thinking about your retirement and how you would like make this transition. Our pre-retirement package makes planning for your retirement as simple as possible by helping you consider all the important decisions for when the time comes.

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