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Compensation For Worker Following Fall At Work

A supermarket worker from South Yorkshire has received £16,500 in compensation following an accident at work.

Michael, in his twenties, was standing on a ladder trying to rearrange heavy products on a shelf, when the ladder fell from under him. Michael broke both wrists in the fall and hit his head.

After his accident Michael needed significant time off work. With help from his solicitor, Lisa Fairclough, he was able to obtain and pay for therapy through the claims process to help him through the anxiety and depression that he experienced following his accident.

Thankfully Michael has made a full recovery after his accident and her been able to return to his old job. Michael's solicitor, Lisa Fairclough said: “We are pleased to have been able to assist Michael in his road to recovery and hope that his accident has prompted his employers to ensure that they either avoid the need to work from ladders or that they properly plan any work at height and ensure that suitable equipment is available if such work is needed".

Our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation if you’ve fallen from height at work. Visit our Fall From Height Claims page for more information.

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