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When employees leave their employment, there is a risk that confidential information and customer connections can fall into the hands of your competitors. Without specific steps being taken on recruitment and ahead of an employee’s departure, there is no guarantee that your business information or interests will be adequately protected. It is therefore essential to act before the problem arises.

We understand the risks posed by data theft and unfair competition and have developed IM Protect to provide you with all the tools necessary to protect your business interests and confidential information.

What We Do

IM Protect comprises the following discrete elements:

  • A comprehensive audit of contracts and policies to identify risk areas and make sure that you’re well-positioned to respond quickly to any threats to your business. We will also provide you with a suite of precedent documents and guidance on how to use them.
  • Expert advice on how to safely engage new employees that are subject to restrictive covenants and maximise the value of your recruitment activities.
  • Effective processes and procedures to enable you to enforce your contractual rights and limit the damage which can be caused to your business when staff leave.

The majority of the IM Protect service is available at a fixed-fee, so rather than have to pay for a package of services, you only pay for each element as and when you require it. This gives you greater control over how we deliver the appropriate service to you.

Why Choose Irwin Mitchell?

Our responsive and robust advice, coupled with a proven track record in helping a range of different businesses, means that IM Protect is best-placed to help secure your confidential information.

Your business will benefit from access to our panel of external experts, including barristers and forensic IT specialists. Our highly-regarded Commercial Litigation and Intellectual Property teams will also be on hand to offer their expertise.

Whilst IM Protect is relevant to employers and senior employees across all sectors, we have particular expertise in advising clients in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Financial services
  • Recruitment

Recent Work

  • Advising a tier one bank on confidentiality and restrictive covenant issues involving 30 employees. Following a review of the evidence and legal and commercial considerations, we issued High Court proceedings for damages for breach of contract, conspiracy and injunctive relief. We then secured a successful settlement in the bank’s favour.
  • Advising a multinational construction and property business on the exit of a director. We engaged in pre-action correspondence in relation to the return of a vast array of confidential and sensitive financial information taken by the director. We concluded a highly favourable settlement for our client and secured the return of its confidential information.

For more information on IM Protect

If you are interested in understanding how Irwin Mitchell can help you with your IM Protect work then please contact Glenn Hayes (Partner) on +44 (0)113 218 6484, or send us an email.

Key Contact

Glenn Hayes

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