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UK Powerhouse

Our quarterly economic growth report charting the regional effects of economic policy for businesses across the UK

Key Findings Q4 2018

Economic performance

The UK economy maintained its 0.4% growth rate for the second quarter running, driven by gross fixed capital investment.

Household spending

The growth in household spending fell to 0.3% from 0.6% last quarter, meaning that the 1.8% growth for 2017 was the lowest since 2012.

Manufacturing sector

The manufacturing sector grew by 1.3%, buoyed by booming global trade volumes and the strong performance of key trading partners.


Inner London climbed 10 places in the UK Powerhouse rankings after recording economic growth of 1.4%, signalling growth is returning to the capital.


Swindon has 4.13 private jobs per public sector job – one of the highest ratios for a UK city.


Cambridge continues to top the UK Powerhouse table for economic growth. It has recorded the largest growth for three out of the last four quarters.


Bristol boasted 18,060 individual businesses in 2017, an increase from 17,390 in 2016.


Bournemouth has the highest share of population aged 65 or over. Their increased engagement in the workforce is one of the drivers behind a 1.4% growth in employment.

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