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UK Powerhouse

Our quarterly economic growth report charting the regional effects of economic policy for businesses across the UK

Key Findings Q1 and Sustainable Cities

Net zero emissions

The government intends to target net zero emissions by 2050.

North/South divide

Our report found that Southern cities perform best when it comes to environmental sustainability.

Manufacturing economy vs service economy

Many of the worst- performing cities are home to manufacturing and industrial plants, which often produce more emissions than service businesses.

Lower carbon emissions

Carbon emissions per capita have decreased across all Powerhouse cities other than Belfast, Sunderland and Swansea.

Zero emission commuters

Cambridge topped the list for the most zero-emission commuters, thanks in part to its new inner-city cycle route.

Renewable energy

Solar panels remain the most popular form of renewable household energy.

Waste recycling

58% of all waste collected in Stockport is recycled.

Renewable businesses

Businesses are also opting for solar energy, such as the Nissan factory in Sunderland.

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