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Just In Case – Travel Tips For A Healthy Holiday


A summer holiday is what we spend weeks, even months, daydreaming about and counting down the days until. For most, your summer holiday is a well-deserved break and with the amount of planning that goes into your holiday, you’d expect that everything runs smoothly and to plan.

But here at Irwin Mitchell, we come across thousands of devastated holidaymakers every year whose holidays have been ruined through no fault of their own. We have helped numerous individuals, families, couples, and even whole wedding parties who have encountered a range of ‘holiday nightmares’ - from accidents around the pool, gastric illnesses from unsafe food, to cosmetic surgery gone wrong. 

To help you avoid illness or injury whilst away on your dream holiday this summer, we have put together a top tips guide to help you on your way. Our guide includes information on how to stay safe on holiday with advice from experts in the industry; and covers the most common destinations of where you’re likely to fall ill, typical accidents abroad and what to do if they happen, top tips to think about before undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad, as well as specific cruise holiday advice and tips on what to do if you’re involved in a road accident abroad. 

So whether you’re packing your bags for a two week cruise, a family beach holiday, a romantic city break or an adventure getaway, we have you covered - Just In Case. 


Holiday Illness

A holiday should be a time when you are feeling at your best. Take a look at our advice for staying healthy whilst away.

Driving Abroad

Driving abroad can help you get out and explore when you're on holiday, but it can be daunting. Here's what to consider before stepping into the driver's seat:

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

There are risks to consider in any type of surgical treatment, but there are particular risks involved in having a surgical procedure in a different country. 

Accidents Abroad

To protect yourself from accidents while away on holiday and for advice on what to do if you do suffer an injury, follow our expert tips.

Adventure Holiday Accidents

For the adrenaline junkies among us looking for a challenge, adventure holidays are an exciting getaway to conquer fears and make memories.

Cruise Ship Holidays

With many passengers largely in a confined space, an outbreak of illness can spread quickly if cruise operators do not take hygiene procedures seriously.