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Professional Negligence

Expertise And Understanding From Irwin Mitchell

When professional negligence or the carelessness of a solicitor or barrister means that you fail to receive appropriate compensation for your original injuries or your claim fails or is jeopardised, your sense of injustice can be increased. However, it is still possible to make a professional negligence claim against the practice that inadequately represented you.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist professional negligence team can help either get your original personal injury claim back on track if possible or to seek appropriate compensation from your original legal team if your claim was mishandled.

At Irwin Mitchell we fight fearlessly to achieve the best outcome for your claim. We’re renowned for our understanding of the issues affecting you due to professional negligence, and we know what positive action to take to make a difference. 

Our lawyers offer the highest level of professionalism and expertise, combined with dedication and sensitivity.

Above all, we put you first.

Handling Professional Negligence Claims With Expertise And Sensitivity

Your faith in the legal profession could be shaken, and you may not know how to progress your claim further - particularly as you are making a claim against the profession which inadequately represented you in the first place.

Many people give up once they’ve failed to secure compensation, or if they find themselves unsupported by their appointed solicitors in complex legal procedures. They may be concerned at the prospect of taking action against a firm that they probably chose for their expertise. As a top 10 UK firm our specialist professional negligence solicitors have the weight and presence to represent you in professional negligence claims, without intimidation.

Do not delay in seeking our advice though - if you have failed in a personal injury compensation claim it may be that we can salvage your original case, sparing you the headache of pursuing a fresh negligence claim. However, if your previous solicitors have missed time limits and your claim cannot be salvaged, we may be able to make a negligence claim on your behalf.

Irwin Mitchell's Personal Injury Professional Negligence Team has years of experience in handling personal injury claims, as well as expertise in pursuing claims arising from professional negligence. Our team is headed by Sion Kingston, who has many years of experience of this specialist field.

Irwin Mitchell are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality service and we keep all of our clients up to date with the progress of their professional negligence claims.  We’ll ensure that seeking professional negligence compensation will be as straightforward as possible.

Proven Expertise In Personal Injury Professional Negligence Claims

Irwin Mitchell is also one of the largest and most experienced personal injury law firms in the country.

Our team includes many of the country’s finest personal injury lawyers. They operate in highly specialised teams, offering the highest level of legal expertise in professional negligence claims against other practitioners.

Irwin Mitchell’s Commitment To Making A Difference

Irwin Mitchell’s first commitment is to you, and to achieving the best outcome for your professional negligence claim.

We have also pursued many leading legal cases in order to improve the prospects of success of claims for various forms of personal injury, and to obtain fairer compensation.

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