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Personal Injury Compensation: How It’s Calculated

It’s always difficult to say exactly what you may receive for your compensation claim. Typically it will depend upon:

  • The nature and extent of your injuries or illness
  • How the injury has affected you and your family 
  • The financial consequences of the injuries or illness
  • How you’re likely to be affected in the future
  • What care, support and rehabilitation you may need

It will also take into account legal issues including:

  • Guidelines based on previous case law
  • Guidance given by judges

For clients pursuing a personal injury claim, we’ll gather evidence so that we can evaluate the claim and how much compensation you’re likely to receive. This helps to produce a ‘Schedule of Loss’.  As your claim progresses, we’ll give you appropriate advice and support.

Schedule of Losses

The types of losses covered by these schedules include:

  • Loss of earnings if you’ve been off work or on reduced hours as a result of an accident or negligence
  • Care – we put a value to the amount of care you’ve needed, whether it’s provided as a favour by family members or is paid care and assistance
  • Travel expenses – the cost of taxis, bus fares and trains, and the value of the mileage to each destination 
  • Miscellaneous expenses – prescriptions, damaged clothing, aids and equipment, private medical treatment and counselling costs
  • Adaptations to property 
  • Aids and equipment 

We can also calculate any future losses based on medical evidence and care reports. The losses we include aren’t limited to those listed above; every client is unique and our service reflects this.

The Special Damages Unit

Most of our clients suffer some form of financial loss as a result of injury and it will vary dependent on all of the circumstances above.

The Irwin Mitchell Special Damages Unit is a resource which is unique to our firm – we are a team of dedicated specialists who deal with the measurement and quantification of financial losses.

The Special Damages Unit has been developed in-house since 1990 and boasts 20 members with a broad array of accountancy qualifications and expertise.

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