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Children's Serious Injury Claims

Child Brain & Head Injury Claims

If a child suffers a head or brain injury, their life can be impacted greatly. Head injuries can cause lifelong physical and cognitive challenges but by helping you secure compensation, we might be able to make things a little easier.

Our expert serious injury lawyers have years of experience in helping families claim compensation so you can be reassured that we have the knowledge needed to help you. We always work professionally and with sensitivity, listening to your needs to reach the best possible outcome for you and your child.

We understand that your family may be facing a variety of issues and we can help you by not only providing advice on compensation, but by helping you plan and access:

  • Rehabilitation – a programme of therapy and support to help your child make the best recovery possible
  • Education – making sure your child gets suitable tutoring for their specific needs
  • Specialist healthcare and support

Our solicitors accept cases on a No Win No Fee basis which means you don’t have to pay anything upfront and you won’t be out of pocket if your claim is unsuccessful*.

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Child Brain & Head Injury Claims - More Information
    • How Can A Child Head Or Brain Injury Happen?
    • Over the years we’ve helped the families of children who were injured in a range of circumstances, including accidents that took place:

      • In the home
      • At school
      • On the road
      • In other public places

      Unfortunately child head injuries can result in brain damage which may have life-changing consequences. To help your child face these challenges, we’ll work with medical and rehabilitation specialists to make sure the best possible long-term care can be funded by your compensation.

      We understand how important your child’s recovery is to the whole family and will endeavour to make sure your child receives the best care and support.

    • What Are The Physical Effects Of A Head/Brain Injury?
    • Head injuries and acquired brain injuries affect every child differently, creating new physical and cognitive challenges. Some of the main physical effects of child brain and head injuries are:

      • Movement – If an injury occurs to one side of your child’s brain, electrical signals can’t pass messages onto the body which can create paralysis or weakness in the opposite side of their body.
      • Dyspraxia/motor planning – Deliberate movements (normally involving sequences) can be affected. Movements such as reaching for an item and speech can become harder for your child.
      • Headaches – These can result from accidents and may worsen because of stress or overexertion.
      • Incontinence – As this is a physical and mental exercise, your child’s body might not pick up signs that help them go to the toilet.
      • Seizures/epilepsy – Your child’s brain can scar after an injury which causes signals in the brain to become unstable, sometimes causing seizures.
      • Sensory difficulties – Blurred vision, hearing problems and difficulties with smell and taste can be caused as your child’s brain will find it harder to understand information.

      By making a compensation claim, money could be secured to help your child overcome these physical challenges as much as possible. Your child’s settlement could help pay for care from medical experts who can put in place a rehabilitation programme of therapy and treatments, home tutoring and equipment to make things at home a little easier.

    • What Cognitive Effects Might Be Caused?
    • Child brain and head injuries may cause cognitive and emotional difficulties, creating problems with:

      • Memory
      • Attention
      • Speech and communication
      • Awareness (judging your own behaviour)
      • Understanding emotions

      These can be particularly challenging for children as the brain is unlikely to have fully developed and they may have to learn how to do simple tasks again.

      We’re also aware that a brain or head injury to a child can affect the whole family, your everyday life may have to change enormously and you might become worried about how you’ll cope both emotionally and financially.

      Our lawyers are here to help and might be able to secure you compensation to pay for specialist care and equipment for your child, funds to cover your bills and money to pay for support for your family.

    • How We'll Handle Your Claim
    • After you’ve contacted us we’ll start by helping you work out if anybody was to blame for the accident. If they were, we’ll try to work out the value of your claim by collecting expert evidence on how your child’s injuries have affected their life and their future needs.

      To make your case as strong as possible, we may even talk to your child’s teachers, friends and family about the changes they’ve seen in your child.

      It can take a while to work out the long-term impact of a head injury in a child so we’ll monitor your child’s progress as they grow up and support you as they progress through school. To help during this time, it might be possible to secure interim compensation payments (if your opponent has accepted responsibility) which can pay for care by medical specialists and educational support.

      Once the long-term impact of the injury is clear, we’ll value your claim based on the impact of the injuries and the care and support needed and will try to negotiate a settlement for you. If necessary, we can refer you to our other legal teams who can advise on matters such as investing your compensation and setting up a personal injury trust for your child.

      Normally your child’s compensation will be held by the court until they turn 18 but if you choose to set-up a personal injury trust, you can access some of the funds on your child’s behalf to help pay for their care. When your child reaches 18, they’ll be given control of the trust unless they don’t have the mental capacity to do so. Trusts can also mean that your child’s compensation award doesn’t affect the amount of means-tested benefits they can receive in the future.

    • How Long Do I Have To Make A Claim For My Child?
    • You’ll normally be able to make a claim for your child at any time after their accident. This will be the case up until their 18th birthday and at this point the child can make their own claim at any time before their 21st birthday.

      If your child doesn’t have the mental capacity to handle their own claim after they’ve turned 18, you might be able to make a claim on their behalf and this wouldn’t be subject to any time limits.

    • Our Experts
    • We’re consistently ranked amongst the very best serious injury lawyers in the country by independent legal guides, who say we have a “very holistic approach … with a very good understanding of the lifelong consequences of such situations" (Chambers & Partners 2016).

      Our lawyers work closely with leading charities, including the Child Brain Injury Trust, local support groups and specialist NHS children’s services to seek improvements to the care of children with head injuries. Our close ties with these organisations also means that we can get specialist advice on what treatment and support would best benefit your child and family. 

I’m relieved that the legal action has ended, knowing that I can continue to improve my recovery by accessing specialist rehabilitation services which have helped me get this far.

Jaxx, client
Client Jaxx Cave

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Irwin Mitchell Help?

A serious head or brain injury can have a huge impact on a child so we’re here to help you secure funds to make things a little easier. Our solicitors can help you get compensation which can help your child with...

...the care needed for their injuries, education and future prospects.

Child brain and head injury claims need lawyers with specialist knowledge and experience to ensure that the child and their family receive the very best help and advice throughout their claim.

Claims involving children can take longer than normal because we have to establish the long-term impact of the injury. By claiming with us you can be reassured that we’ll keep you up-to-date throughout your claim while continually monitoring your child’s progress to make sure they get compensation to cover all the care they need.

As well as seeking compensation for you and your child, we’ll work closely with other teams to provide guidance on issues such as:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical care
  • Educational assistance
  • Family support
  • Accommodation issues

Our Public Law & Human Rights department can offer advice on Part 3 of the Children and Families Act 2014. This Act is designed to give young people (under the age of 25) with special education needs greater protection.

Please follow this link for more information, along with factsheets and template letters.

To find out more about how we can help, contact us today on 0800 056 4110 to set-up a free initial consultation.

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What Can Compensation Pay For?

Our solicitors will consider a number of things when deciding how much compensation your child should get to help with their head or brain injury. We’ll make sure that you receive a compensation figure that can pay for:

  • Long-term medical care
  • Educational help
  • Adaptions to your home and vehicle
  • Mobility equipment (such as wheelchairs)

The amount of compensation your child can receive will depend upon the severity of their injuries and whether they’re likely to make a full recovery. We’re aware that as a parent, you might have to take time off work or even quit your role to look after your child. Your compensation can take this into account and also help pay for home support.

As claims involving children can be particularly complex they may take longer than usual. In cases where the opponent has accepted responsibility we might be able to help you access early compensation payments to help pay for ongoing care and expenses.

If you think you might have a claim, feel free to get in touch on 0800 056 4110.

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Who Can Make A Claim On Behalf Of A Child?

Our Serious Injury team is happy to be contacted by a parent, teacher or other professional on behalf of a child who has suffered a brain or head injury. Children under 18 cannot deal with their own compensation claim but an adult (usually a parent)...

...can deal with one on their behalf.

If you suffered a brain or head injury due to an accident when you were a child, we could help you claim after you’ve turned 18. You can make a claim of this type at any point until your 21st birthday.

To make your claim as stress free as possible, we can travel to meet you and your child at home or in hospital as we appreciate that travelling might be difficult.

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Committed to making a difference.

We work closely with the Children’s Trust, a leading charity which provides expert rehabilitation, education and therapy at a specialist centre. They also offer services in communities across the country to support children and parents whose lives have been changed by a child brain injury.

Our lawyers also supported the launch of Acquired Brain Injury In Children – A Parent’s Handbook which was produced by the Children’s Trust and features practical advice for parents of children with brain injuries.

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