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If you’ve been seriously injured or you’re suffering a serious illness, you’ll want to know that you’re working with experienced solicitors who are experts in their field. Our client stories and videos show how we have helped clients in a range of circumstances to access specialist care, rehabilitation and support all funded through a compensation claim.

Jaxx's Story

Jaxx was left with a shattered skull after being hit by a bus outside of her office. Initially, doctors thought it unlikely that she would survive, believing that she'd have very little quality of life if she did. But Jaxx surpassed all expectations – with help from client liaison managers implemented by her lawyers at Irwin Mitchell, she's learnt to walk, talk and feed herself again.

Mac's Story

Due to complications in labour, Mac was born with cerebral palsy. Our medical negligence solicitors are helping Mac and his family to access the support they need. These videos illustrate the impact of physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists on development and rehabilitation.

Rosie's Story

Rosie suffered life changing spinal injuries in a car accident and was left tetraplegic. We ensured that she received a rehabilitation package which meant she could return to her family’s specially adapted home, as well as complete her university studies.

Music lover Rosie has also examined the accessibility of gig venues and festivals for our Access All Areas campaign.

Joseph's Story

After mistakes made during his delivery, Joseph was born with cerebral palsy. We secured a settlement for him that has enabled his family to move into a wheelchair accessible house with space for the overnight carers he needs.

Serving, Surviving And Recovery After Afghanistan

This video series explores our client Stu Pearson’s experience after he suffered serious injuries in a minefield incident. His team's ordeal was made into the BAFTA-nominated film Kajaki - you can read more about their story here.

Great Adaptations

David Holmes had an accident while working as a professional stunt man, which left him with serious spinal injuries. Our personal injury solicitors secured David vital compensation which allowed him to build a state of the art accessible house. 

In these videos, he takes us on a tour to show how assistive technologies can help those living with a disability to gain independence.

We've also developed an interactive house to show some of the adaptations that can be made to a home - explore the house here.

Karen's Story

Our solicitors helped Karen after she was injured in an accident at a train station involving a ticket barrier. In this video she talks about her accident, the physical effects and pursuing her claim.

John's Story

John was serving as a Sergeant in the Army when he was seriously injured in a road incident. His injuries were so severe that he was discharged from the Army and has ongoing medical problems. We have so far helped him access a range of specialist treatment and care.

Malcolm's Story

Malcolm developed mesothelioma as a result of being exposed to asbestos at work in the 1950s and 60s. Our expert lawyers helped Malcolm to make a successful compensation claim. In this video, Malcolm talks about his working conditions and also about how he continued to enjoy cycling, even after his mesothelioma diagnosis.

Sadly Malcolm lost his battle with mesothelioma. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

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