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Asbestos & Mesothelioma Claims

Historic Asbestos & Mesothelioma Cases

Our expert asbestos-related disease lawyers have helped people claim compensation and get the support they need for over 30 years. We’re pioneers in the field and continue to represent clients in landmark cases that help to challenge and shape the law.

Some of the major cases we’ve worked on include:

We’re passionate about making sure people affected by asbestos-related diseases get the justice and support they deserve. Some of the cases we’ve worked on went to the Supreme Court. These cases helped change the rules on employers and insurers and their responsibility to those exposed to asbestos.

We’re committed to increasing the understanding to further the treatment of these diseases. For the last ten years, our Education Fund has helped nurses attend ongoing training courses in relation to mesothelioma. We also work closely with charities such as Mesothelioma UK.

Scroll down to read more about some of our landmark cases.

June Hancock – Environmental Exposure

In 1995, we represented June Hancock in the first ever environmental asbestos case.

June had never worked with asbestos but she grew up near the JW Roberts factory in Armley. The factory emitted large amounts of asbestos dust into the local neighbourhood. June’s mother died in 1982 of mesothelioma and June was diagnosed with it as well in 1993.

June’s case was the first of its kind. It extended a company’s duty of care to those affected by secondary exposure to asbestos, not just its employees. Adrian Budgen successfully represented June and secured £4.37m compensation for her - the highest ever award for an industrial disease or fatal injury case at the time.

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McDonald vs National Grid Electricity Transmission

We successfully represented a widow whose husband died of mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos while working as a delivery driver. The case raised questions about what responsibility companies have for non-employees coming on-site.

After the first case was unsuccessful, we represented Mrs McDonald in her appeal at the Supreme Court in 2014. The appeal focused on the interpretation of the Factories Act and Asbestos Industry Regulations. Mrs McDonald won by a 3:2 majority.

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Hospice Costs

In 2010 we secured hospice costs for James Wilson who contracted mesothelioma after working at a power station in the 1950s. Mr Wilson sadly died in 2007 but his daughters carried on the claim for him.

They made two claims. One claim was for their father’s estate and his family. The second claim was for St Joseph’s, where he was cared for in the final stages of his life.

This was the first case where costs for hospice care were included in the compensation settlement. Hospices are a crucial end-of-life support for those suffering from mesothelioma.

Following this landmark case, we also secured over £20,000 for a West Yorkshire hospice as part of a client’s compensation settlement. Douglas Zipfel sadly passed away in 2010, but the costs recovered on his behalf helps ensure the hospice is able to continue its vital work.

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Periodical Payment Order for Future Treatment

In this landmark case, we secured a PPO for our client’s future immunotherapy treatment for mesothelioma.

This meant that the case could settle before medical treatment actually started. It also ensured that our client had peace of mind, knowing that all his future treatments were covered by the insurers.

This was the first mesothelioma case of its kind and represented a huge step forwards in how care costs were treated as part of compensation packages.

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Tomlin Order for New Treatments Still In Development

The Tomlin Order went even further than a PPO. It covered immunotherapy and future treatments our client might need - even ones that were still in development or not yet available.

This was a crucial breakthrough in a field where new medical treatments are developed all the time and costs are going up.

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International Energy Group Limited v Zurich Insurance PLw

We represented the Asbestos Victim Support Groups Forum in their intervention in this case. The case focussed on the period of time an insurer could be held responsible for a claim.

This is a crucial issue in asbestos-related cases, where exposure has happened decades ago and companies have often stopped trading. It often affects how much compensation people can claim.

It was significant that the voices of those affected were heard in the Supreme Court during the court hearings in July 2014 and January 2015. Eventually, the Court favoured a solution which will ensure that victims recover full compensation.

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