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I am a Partner and Head of the Asbestos-Related Disease Team in Leeds. I have over 20 years’ experience working exclusively for claimants with mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening. I've helped a wide range of people including teachers, architects, policemen, office workers, surveyors, joiners, plumbers, and electricians.

I'm passionate about my work and lecture widely about this specialist field. I also work closely with healthcare professionals to support the needs of sufferers.

I recently secured a ‘landmark agreement’ with defendant insurers to cover the costs of future cancer treatment for a client with mesothelioma. The agreement creates a Periodical Payments Order and means that a settlement did not have to wait until doctors actually advised that he should receive immunotherapy treatment. This avoided the need to estimate treatment costs ahead of time in an area of breath-taking change both in terms of the drugs available and their cost.

The team and I raise funds for charities and we've participated in the Leeds and Hull 10k run. The Leeds team has recovered over £330,000 for hospices within the region following a landmark High Court ruling in a 2010 case led by Irwin Mitchell.

I have extensive experience in both the High Court and Court of Appeal. I always strive to provide swift, accurate and expert assistance to people suffering from the effects of mesothelioma.

What Inspired You To Get Into Law?

I wanted to pursue a challenging career that would make a difference to people, groups and organisations. 

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role?

The one thing which I enjoy the most is meeting people: discussing their problems and trying to find solutions.

What Do You Do Away From The Office?

Both my wife and I were born in Yorkshire and returned to bring up our young family in 2008 (two daughters, one aged six and the other eight weeks old). At the moment life is on hold following the birth of our second child in April 2014!

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 14/03/2018
    Lawyers Secure Landmark Settlement To Cover Mesothelioma Victim’s Future Care Costs

    “This settlement is a hugely important step forward for victims of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses. “We had previously secured a deferred periodical payments order – or PPO – for another client which ensured his cancer treatment costs would be covered regardless of their amount or the length of support he needed. “However this settlement for James builds on this further, as it includes the extra element of covering future unidentified treatments even if they are not currently on the medical radar at present. “The ultimate benefit of such an agreement is simply peace of mind, as it ensures that our client does not face uncertainty regarding his access to treatment. Furthermore, with new treatments constantly in development but costs also on the rise, it ensures that our client will be able to benefit from whatever is required. “This is a hugely important development which ensures that those whose lives have been touched by the terrible legacy of asbestos can get the support they need at a difficult time.”

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  • 07/02/2018
    Asbestos Lawyers Recovers Over £20,000 Of Care Costs For Overgate Hospice

    “Hospices play a hugely important role in many communities and we are delighted that we have been able to give back to a vital organisation like Overgate Hospice in Elland. “It is an unfortunate truth that many people do not understand the specifics related to the funding of such services, with many hospices being heavily reliant on donations and fundraising efforts by local groups. “However, by looking to reclaim the cost of care in a legal claim, families are able to give back and say thank you to an organisation which has provided fundamental support to their loved ones at an incredibly difficult time.”

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  • 29/11/2017
    Irwin Mitchell Bolsters Leeds Industrial Disease Team With New Appointment

    “We are delighted to welcome Oliver to Irwin Mitchell. We are always striving to add significantly to the breadth and depth of our team in Leeds, and we believe we have successfully done this with the appointment of Oliver.”

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  • 24/10/2017
    ‘Landmark Agreement’ To Provide For Cancer Treatment In Mesothelioma Legal Case

    “This is a landmark agreement which provides security for a man who needs it due to his devastating mesothelioma diagnosis. “Sadly this is one of numerous cases where an employee has been failed by their employer by not being provided with the necessary safety equipment to protect them from the harmful asbestos dust and fibres that were present during parts of their working life many years ago. “The Order helps eradicate some of the uncertainty that comes with settling this type of claim. Treatments are constantly developing and with this, so are the costs. Unfortunately none of the treatment available to this Claimant can be obtained on the NHS, free of charge. “This Order has now put the structure in place to ensure that whenever the treatment is needed, it is covered. It gives our client some much needed peace of mind at such a difficult time of his life.”

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