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Attitude is Everything - State of Access report

In summer 2015, we examined the experience of disabled people at a number of music festivals and concerts with Access All Areas. We wanted to find out how accessible these events were and the sort of improvements that could make them more suitable for disabled people.

To continue to highlight the experiences for disabled people and how the live music industry can increase accessibility, we're supporting disability charity Attitude is Everything’s 2016 State of Access Report. This comprehensive study compiled 280 mystery shopping reports from music venues and festivals, written between April 2013 and March 2015. 

Download a copy of the State of Access Report.

Key Findings

On the evidence of the State of Access Report, Attitude is Everything believes that the “live music industry in moving in the right direction.” Encouragingly, the charity thinks that we’re nearing the point where attention to access for disabled people is the norm rather than the exception.

Three main conclusions emerged from Attitude is Everything’s report:

  • Access information: “Many websites with access information utilise dedicated pages, which we strongly endorse. However, the information contained on these pages is often incomplete or lacking in detail. There is clearly a need for straightforward universal guidance on how to create high quality access information.”
  • Customer service: “It is essential for the industry to view the subject of access for Deaf and disabled people through the prism of customer service rather than as a niche topic affecting a few individuals.”
  • Fit for purpose: “All too often, the act of having access facilities appears to constitute a ‘ticked box’, with apparently little thought given to whether or not they are set up and operated to be truly fit for purpose.”

Next Steps

Attitude is Everything call the State of Access Report a “document of contrasts”, highlighting the way innovations have improved the experience of disabled people alongside the problems that have persisted since the charity was founded.

They identified three areas of action based on the report’s findings: 

  • Increasing accessibility for people with non-physical impairments, such as autism, dementia and mental health conditions
  • Extended disability awareness training sessions from Attitude is Everything
  • Bringing event organisers and industry providers together in campaigns to promote the value of ensuring access facilities are fit for purpose

About Attitude Is Everything

Founded in 2000, Attitude is Everything is an independent charity supported by Arts Council England. They focus on helping the music industry become more inclusive for disabled people and have written a charter of best practice that more than 100 venues and festivals have signed up to.

Some of the organisations they’ve worked with include:

  • Festival Republic
  • Glastonbury
  • O2 Arena
  • Oxfam
  • Ticketmaster

Find out more at Attitude is Everything’s website.

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