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Dental Negligence Claims

Cosmetic Dentistry Claims

Cosmetic dentistry is popular, with many people wanting the ‘perfect smile’. If your cosmetic treatment went wrong, our team of expert medical negligence solicitors can help you make a claim against those responsible.

You might choose to have a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your teeth. Crowns and braces get fitted on your teeth for this reason. When these aren’t secured properly they can cause severe pain and damage to your teeth.

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Crowns repair and protect a tooth. They’re almost identical to the original tooth in shape and colour.

Our dental negligence solicitors have worked with many clients with poorly fitted crowns. Crowns can cause damage to the teeth underneath them if they aren’t done properly. This often results in tooth decay. Resolving these issues can be expensive and lead to more procedures for removals and repairs.


Braces help straighten your teeth. If braces don’t fit properly or aren’t looked after, you can have difficulties once they’re removed.

We can help if you’ve suffered because your dentist didn’t give you regular advice about how to keep your teeth and braces health and clean.

Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad

If you have dental treatment abroad, you may only realise that it’s gone wrong when you’re back at home.

We understand that you could feel like you have no options if your treatment took place overseas.. Our team has years of experience in international cases and can help you make a claim against the person or organisation responsible for your treatment.

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Our dental negligence lawyers recognise that recovery treatment after negligent cosmetic dentistry is often a long, expensive and stressful process. We can help you secure the funds and support you need to recover.

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