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If you have a legal dispute with another individual or company, it can be time-consuming and stressful to deal with it in the courts in the UK when discussions have failed. Add in an international element and suddenly the dispute can seem even more difficult to deal with.

International business deals can go wrong for many reasons, and they often become more difficult to resolve than if only domestic companies were involved. However, businesses increasingly want to expand and take advantage of worldwide trade to maximise profits. Fear of disputes shouldn’t prevent you from doing business internationally as our experienced lawyers can help you resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Individuals can become involved in international disputes as well, of course. You might have a dispute with a property developer over a holiday home or with an international company over a product or service you have purchased from them.

How Irwin Mitchell Can Help You With Your International Dispute

Our team of experienced, dedicated solicitors can help with a range of international disputes. We are experts in handling international disputes and we will always give you clear, easy-to-understand advice.

We have a powerful international reputation because we make it our business to fight hard for our clients’ best interests regardless of where in the world we are representing them.

We also have particular expertise in disputes relating to the current economic crisis. We can:

  • Give advice to shareholders, companies, directors and suppliers affected by the credit crunch (nationally and internationally)
  • Act for companies accused of breaching their fiduciary duties
  • Handle court cases involving hedge funds or professional negligence by intermediaries and service providers
  • Use our national insolvency team to secure assets and protect creditors quickly

We will listen carefully to you and investigate your concerns thoroughly. We will tell you what your options are, including commercial advice that will help you to decide which option to choose.

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