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As a consumer, whenever you purchase goods or services from a business, you will agree to their terms of service and their conditions. In turn, service providers and businesses have a duty to ensure that goods are fit for purpose, comply with Trading Standard regulations, and are sold as described.

What Should You Do To Enforce Your Consumer Rights?

If you have received a service or purchased an item that has not met your requirements or has fallen short of expectations, following the necessary complaint procedures should be your first course of action.

If the supplier refuses to fix a faulty product or service, or issue you with a refund, depending on the product or service mis-sold, seeking legal advice is the next step. A lawyer will be able to explain the options available and advise on the best route to achieving a fast resolution to your consumer rights dispute.

Seek Guidance From Specialist Consumer Disputes Solicitors

As one of the few UK law firms with a specialist consumer unit, we have vast experience in resolving all manner of consumer disputes. Providing vital legal guidance, our consumer disputes lawyers recognise that as few disputes as possible should be taken to court. We pride ourselves on our expertise at resolving the majority of cases in arbitration, often through mediation.

No matter what challenges or concerns you are facing, our knowledgeable team will be able to prepare for every eventuality and can offer advice and guidance regarding all manner of consumer disputes.  We will also explore alternative methods of funding which may be available to you in such cases.

Work With Irwin Mitchell On Your Consumer Dispute

Whether you are a making a complaint or defending a complaint, we will work hard on your behalf to help resolve the dispute as efficiently and as economically as possible. Offering expert legal assistance tailored to suit each individual dispute, our solicitors provide straightforward and practical advice and are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Approaching your case with sensitivity and understanding, our team will work alongside you to establish the core facts of the consumer dispute, and offer advice and support throughout the resolution process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will support you in your claim to the best of our ability. However, in claims of less than £10,000 in value it is unlikely you will recover legal costs from your opponent even if you are successful.

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