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What Can I Do To Prevent My Child Being Abducted From The UK?

If you believe that your child is at risk of being removed from the UK by their parent or to her relative, contact us immediately. We can assist you in making an urgent application to the Court. If your child has disappeared we can make an immediate application to locate them and prevent them from being taken out of the country.

It is essential that you do not delay in taking action if you believe your child is at risk of an abduction.

The Courts in England and Wales have power to protect your child by making orders which:

  • Prohibit the child’s removal from the country
  • Require the surrender of passports
  • Prohibit the obtaining of travel documents and passports
  • Place restrictions on contact between the child and the parent who you fear will abduct them
  • Require financial security in support of an order permitting a holiday abroad

We can advise you on the likely effectiveness of such orders in your case and their enforceability, as well as what can be done in the event that the other parent breaches the Order. This advice will be critical in determining whether you should or should not agree to the other parent’s proposals.

The team at Irwin Mitchell have the necessary experience to assist you and understand the urgency of the situation for you and your child.

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