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Lauren Hurney

Senior Associate Solicitor


I specialise in medical negligence and personal injury claims, predominately as a result of road traffic accidents.

As a result of having a dual specialism, I also deal with claims arising from an accident with subsequent negligent medical treatment whilst at hospital.

I predominately act for clients that have sustained brain damage or spinal injuries, either as a result of medical negligence or personal injury. However, I also deal with a number of cases involving obstetrics and gynaecological issues, delay in diagnosis, and negligent surgical treatment.

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role?

My main focus for each and every claim is to help my clients secure the funding that they need to pay for ongoing treatment and support. I find this extremely rewarding as it really does make a difference to every client's life.

What Do You Like About Working At Irwin Mitchell?

When clients approach us, it is often at a time of crisis. This can be an extremely difficult period for the client and their family, but at Irwin Mitchell we understand this and from the very outset, our focus in on providing help, support and treatment whilst the case is ongoing, which can really make a difference to our clients' recovery.

I enjoy working at Irwin Mitchell as the focus is on rehabilitation. In our department, we also have the benefit of being supported by our colleagues in Court of Protection, public law and employment, which are often key issues that are intertwined with a personal injury claim.

Client Testimonials

"Irwin Mitchell helped me and my family with a clinical negligence claim. The claim was handled professionally and we were informed every step of the way. Lauren who dealt with my claim was amazing, I would gladly recommend them."

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 09/05/2018
    High Court Approves £19m Settlement To Fund Lifelong Specialist Care For Man Seriously Injured In Car Collision As A Child

    Like in many cases where a person suffers a brain injury as a child, our client has had to wait many years for doctors to fully establish the true extent of his injuries and the scale of his recovery. This settlement has been carefully calculated to provide for his care needs for the rest of his life. “While we are pleased with the outcome of today’s hearing, no amount of money can ever make up for the severe and lifelong injuries my client has suffered. The family would rather not be in this situation at all. “Our client’s case vividly highlights the consequences that families can be left to deal with because of drivers not paying attention. We urge motorists to take care on the roads at all times so other families don’t have to suffer the pain and hurt that our client and his family have, and will continue to face, through no fault of their own.”

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  • 18/01/2017
    Grieving Father Slams Hospital After Trust Accepts It Was Wrong To Clear Staff Over Death Of Toddler

    “Much of Tahmeed’s short life was spent in hospital, needlessly in pain and distress. He was so small and vulnerable but was let down by those whose job it was to help him. “Tahmeed’s family have had to endure three agonising years of denials from Bart’s Health NHS Trust. It was only when the family instructed Irwin Mitchell that the Trust finally admitted the failings which led to Tahmeed’s death, something which has only added to the family’s already unbearable grief. “NHS Trusts have a duty to be open and transparent about their mistakes so that they and other Trusts can learn from them and prevent future loss of life. That the family had to launch a legal battle simply to know the truth shows that there is much to be learned from Tahmeed’s death.”

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  • 11/10/2015
    ‘Catalogue of Errors’ By Private Consultant Led To Death Of Jake Livermore’s Baby Son

    “This is a heart-breaking case that had devastating consequences for a young couple very much looking forward to welcoming home their first child. Their determination in pushing for an inquest was crucial in ensuring that the cause of death was properly investigated and without legal action it may have been incorrectly recorded as a stillbirth. “The findings of the Serious Untoward Incident Report into the circumstances leading up to Jake Junior’s death were shocking, and it is crucial that the recommendations are taken on board as soon as possible to reduce the risk of similar incidents in future. “Jake Junior’s tragic death has had a significant impact on both Danielle and Jake as those initial moments following the birth were extremely traumatic. We are now focused on bringing their legal battle for answers to a conclusion so that they can both finally begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. “We see cases every day from all across the country where mistakes made during births have had devastating consequences and it is crucial that lessons are learned from these to improve care in future.”

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  • 15/07/2014
    NHS Trust Admits Neglecting Woman Whose Third Degree Burn Was Left Untreated For An Hour

    The injuries Mrs Downs suffered to her legs and stomach were truly horrific and left her in a tremendous amount of pain. “She was admitted to Maidstone Hospital for end of life care following a fall that resulted in a brain haemorrhage and Valerie thought her mum was in the safest place possible. She has understandably found it very hard to come to terms with the fact that this was not the case and her suffering was worsened by the actions of hospital staff. “Whilst Mrs Downs death was unrelated to the burn, her family still wanted to know how it was possible for her to suffer such a horrific injury and why she was left without treatment for so long. “We support Valerie in her calls to the Trust to confirm that standards have improved and the action plan has been implemented so that other vulnerable patients are not at risk.”

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