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2 Million For Guardsman Shot In Training

Our specialist Armed Forces team successfully secured over £2m in compensation for a Guardsman who was injured during training in Afghanistan.

Our client was taking part in in-theatre operation training in Camp Bastion, preparing for deployment on the ground. They were working at the heavy weapons range and, as part of their daily routine, they were preparing their weapons for firing.

Unfortunately there was a negligent discharge from a weapon by a colleague and the rounds hit our client in his legs. He suffered severe injuries, including a gun shot wound to his left buttock, which exited through his right thigh; extensive damage to his scrotum; a severed right sciatic nerve and gun shot wound to his right lower leg; and a fracture to his right tibia and disruption of his right tibial artery. He had to have one of his testes removed and underwent extensive surgery for his multiple injuries, including a skin graft. He was left with severe scarring on his legs.

Despite intensive rehabilitation, the seriousness of his injuries and his on-going disabilities mean that he had to be medically discharged from the Armed Forces.

The incident has had a huge impact on our client’s day to day activities and also his employment prospects. The legacy left by the gunshot wounds is irreversible. His injuries cause him constant pain and there is a risk that his right leg will need amputating in the future.

The MoD accepted responsibility for the accident and Irwin Mitchell secured a settlement that ensured our client’s needs would always be provided for. As part of the settlement, we preserved his lump sum award from the Armed Forces Compensation scheme, his entitlement to Guaranteed Income Payments, and also his Armed Forces Independent Payments.

The final settlement is significantly beyond what would have been available to our client under the AFCS. Together the compensation awards and his other entitlements ensure he will have the finances for accommodation costs and transport costs, as well as future medical treatment, therapy aids and equipment. It has given him the financial security to help him manage his injuries whilst giving him the ability to train and start a new career.

Andrew Buckham represented the Guardsman in his claim against the MoD. He said of the case: “We’re very pleased to have been able to secure this compensation from the MoD for our client, alongside the other benefits he is entitled to. His injuries have been life-changing and brought an early end to his military career – this settlement ensures he can get the rehabilitation and support he needs in the future. It also provides some closure for what has been a very traumatic event and will, to an extent, allow him to make a fresh start."

If you have been involved in an accident in training, our Military Injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Training Accidents page for more information.

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