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Teenager On Road To Recovery After Being Knocked Off His Bicycle And Left For Dead

Determined Youngster Now Supporting Action For Brain Injury Week


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A teenager who was knocked off his bicycle by a drunk driver and left fighting for his life continues to make progress.

Kiernan Roberts, a high flying A* pupil was just 16 when he was hit by a car and left for dead on Brantingham Road in Elloughton in October 2016.  He sustained a catalogue of serious injuries including a serious brain injury, a fractured skull and a broken neck.

The youngster had to undergo three life-saving operations and spent nine months in hospital before he could return to his family home in Elloughton.  In July 2017 the driver, a local business man, was jailed for three years and disqualified from driving.

Kiernan instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help secure vital funds to help with his recovery and rehabilitation and together they are supporting Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week (20-26 May) which this year is focusing on the severe effects of brain injury fatigue.

Kiernan has been left with significant and life changing injuries but has shown great courage and determination, throwing himself into extensive and demanding rehabilitation so that he can make the most of life. Despite numerous ongoing difficulties and extreme fatigue, Kiernan is now enjoying adaptive cycling, skiing and tennis and has resumed his studies at South Hunsley 6th Form College. He is also hoping to attend Selby College to study art.

Kiernan and his family are keen to raise awareness of the lasting effects of brain injuries and the devastating impact that fatigue can have on all aspects of life.

In relation to the Headway Campaign, his mum Marie said: “We were all devastated after what happened to Kiernan but he has shown tremendous courage and has never given up fighting. He still suffers from the after-effects of his accident and his fatigue is particularly debilitating, affecting everything he does. 

"His days are now broken down into short periods of activity followed by rest periods without which his ability to function quickly deteriorates. 

"Kiernan continues to undergo extensive rehabilitation and never gives up; we are so very proud of him.”

Expert Opinion
“Kiernan is an inspiration, he has made remarkable progress always striving to be the best he can be.

Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Campaign focuses on brain injury fatigue this year and this has been a significant problem for Kiernan who has to have frequent rests throughout the day.

Fatigue is a devastating side effect of brain injury and quite rightly is something that needs to be highlighted and understood. People assume it’s just being tired but it is so much more than that and is a common and recognised side effect of brain injury.

Many of my clients suffer from brain injury related fatigue and it severely disrupts all aspects of their lives every single day leaving them struggling to undertake day to day activities and work.”
Carolyn Heaton, Partner

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