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Family of Trafford Park Crash Victim Call For Lessons To Be Learned As Inquest Concludes

Sophie Smith Died And Several Others Were Injured In Incident Last Year


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The family of a woman who was killed after being hit by a car at Trafford Park are calling for lessons to be learned following an inquest this week.

19-year-old Sophie Louise Smith died after a BMW collided with a group of pedestrians at a car meet on Europa Way on 31 May last year.

Sophie’s boyfriend Jordan Chidgey, Dan Robinson and Colin Burton were also involved in the accident and sustained injuries, with Jordan and Colin both hospitalised as a result.  Two other pedestrians were also injured and hospitalised.

The families of the victims instructed Irwin Mitchell to support them during the jury inquest at Stockport Coroner’s Court this week, and proceedings came to a conclusion on Thursday.

Expert Opinion
“This week has been incredibly difficult for everyone affected by this tragic incident.

Sophie’s family are still understandably distraught after losing their daughter in such a horrific way, and I hope that the end of the inquest will bring some closure to them and help them to move on from what has been a terribly tough year.

Dangerous driving impacts on so many people. Lessons need to be learned now so we can stop this happening to others.”
Matthew Garson, Senior Associate Solicitor

Last year the driver of the BMW that struck the group, Scott Watkins, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, causing death while driving without a licence and insurance, causing serious injury by dangerous driving, failing to stop at the scene of an accident and failing to report an accident.

Following Thursday’s conclusion, Sophie’s family said: “This past year has been the worst of our lives, having to cope with losing Sophie and then having to relive it all again at the inquest.

“Dangerous driving destroys lives. All this could have been prevented, and while we have now been given some answers on what happened at Trafford Park, it will never bring Sophie back to us.

“We really hope that lessons can be learned from our tragedy as we don’t want another family to go through what we have.”

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