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Honeymoon Ruined By Cruise Ship Illness Leads To Legal Action

Devastated Couple Instruct Expert Lawyers To Launch Legal Action Against Cruise Operator Thomson


A couple who booked a week-long honeymoon on board the luxury Thomson Celebration cruise ship have launched legal action against tour operator TUI UK Ltd after severe gastric illness ruined what was supposed to be a romantic holiday.

Philip and Janice Stephens, from Bristol, travelled on the ship in September 2014 and intended to travel around the Turkish coast to celebrate their wedding.

However, shortly after they arrived on the ship they realised it was not up to the standards they expected and after suffering illness on board they instructed expert international personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the cause of the symptoms that ruined their honeymoon.

Irwin Mitchell has also been instructed to act on behalf of a number of other passengers who were also on board the cruise ship at the same time. In addition the firm has also been instructed by groups of passengers who suffered illness on the same ship during voyages in 2014 and 2015.

The expert lawyers have now issued formal legal proceedings against TUI UK Ltd in the hope of getting Janice and Philip the answers they want about what caused their illness, as well as compensation for the holiday and the long-term implications the illness has had on their lives. TUI UK Ltd have neither admitted or denied liability at this stage.

Just a few days into the cruise both Janice and Philip noticed they had bed bug bites and Janice visited the on-board doctor for treatment.

Shortly afterwards Janice began suffering with diarrhoea, vomiting and chest and stomach pains.

She suffered the symptoms for the rest of the cruise and as a result was not able to take part in all of the excursions the couple had planned for their honeymoon.

Since her return to the UK, Janice has developed chronic fatigue syndrome and has had to take voluntary redundancy from work as a result of the chronic fatigue she suffers, the exact cause of the chronic fatigue remains under investigation and may be as a result of a post viral infection.

Jennifer Downing, an expert international personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing Philip and Janice, said: “Clearly this was supposed to be a relaxing and romantic trip for Janice and Philip but they were left unable to enjoy the facilities they had paid for due to the illness they experienced.

“We have been instructed by a number of people who suffered similar problems on board this ship at the same time Janice and Philip were on board, as well as passengers who travelled on the Thomson Celebration during other voyages in 2014 and 2015.

“Understandably, Philip and Janice want answers about the illness Janice suffered, which continues to affect her to this day, and to understand why their honeymoon cruise was ruined. We have now issued formal legal proceedings against TUI UK Ltd.”

The couple reported to their legal team that food on the ship was on occasion served undercooked and lukewarm, that their cabin had bed bugs and was fumigated on two occasions on doctors’ orders during their week on the ship and that they noticed a number of hygiene problems, including dirty sheets on their bed.

Janice, 48, said: “This was supposed to be a fantastic way for us to spend our honeymoon but it simply didn’t work out that way and I have been left with long-term health problems as a result that continue to impact my everyday life.

“The ship really wasn’t up to the standard we expected and the illness I suffered was absolutely horrendous. The fact that it continues to affect me to this day has just added insult to injury for me.

“We are determined to find out what caused my illness and to ensure that any changes that can be made on the ship are highlighted in the hope of preventing something similar happening to someone else.”

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