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Mother Speaks Of Relief After Settlement Secured For Daughter Who Suffered Injuries At Birth

Medical Negligence Lawyers Secure Funds For Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation


The mother of a young girl who suffered injuries during birth after her pleas for a Caesarean section were dismissed four times by hospital staff has spoken of her relief after medical negligence lawyers at Irwin Mitchell secured a settlement from the Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust.


Courtney Webb, originally from Liverpool now living near York, was born in October 1999 at the Liverpool Women's Hospital. Her mother, Stacey Perkins, 37, had complications in the labour period as it was very slow and despite earlier delivery by c-section being necessary the hospital didn’t take that step, instead continuing to a vaginal delivery.  


As a result with the birth proceeding to a vaginal delivery during the delivery Courtney’s shoulders became stuck, a condition known as shoulder dystocia.


As a result she suffered an Erbs Palsy injury, which affects the nerves that conduct signals from the spinal cord to her right shoulder, arm and hand. This means she now has reduced movement, grip and strength in that arm making certain normal actions in life more difficult or unable to do so requiring help as necessary. 


Having had the injury since birth she has adapted to cope as best as she can on her own.


Stacey instructed expert medical negligence lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the care she was provided at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, which is operated by the Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust.


The specialist lawyers have now secured a settlement from the Trust that will be used to ensure Courtney has the help, support and rehabilitation she requires to alleviate the symptoms of her injuries.


Sarah Coles, a Partner and expert medical negligence lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, said:


Expert Opinion
“The injury Courtney suffered to her right shoulder and as such has had a significant impact on her life as she has faced a series of challenges with tasks many people take for granted.

“Shoulder dystocia is an obstetric emergency and hospitals have specific procedures in place to try and avoid this type of injury occurring. It was accepted by the Judge at trial that due to the slowness of the labour, Courtney should have been delivered by C-section but unfortunately, in this case a C-section was not carried out.

“Had it been carried out she would not have had her shoulder damaged during the delivery process and all this would have been avoided.

“Clearly patient safety should always be the main priority for medical staff, particularly on maternity wards where mothers and babies are vulnerable. It is a situation which could have been avoided if the appropriate expertise had been obtained to manage the labour.

“We are glad to have secured a settlement from the Trust for Courtney and her family and hope the conclusion of the legal action provides them with an opportunity to put their ordeal behind them and look forward to the future knowing that Courtney will be able to access the services she needs.”
Sarah Coles, Partner


Stacey said: “The problems we suffered at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital were awful and we can’t help but feel the injury Courtney suffered could have easily been avoided.  The Trial Judge confirmed that to be the case and we are most grateful to him for doing so.  I know the hospital had guidelines in place for the management of a delayed labour but they didn’t apply the individual circumstances to the situation and had they have done we wouldn’t have had to go through all this and Courtney would not have suffered.


“I know it happened 16 years ago now but this kind of problem still happens today and I think it’s important for medical staff to look at every situation carefully and obtain appropriate guidance as necessary. “


“As a result of her injuries, Courtney faces challenges every day but she is determined to overcome them and get on with her life. We are relieved to have secured a settlement from the Trust for the injuries Courtney suffered and we now want to put our experience behind us and focus on getting Courtney the help and support she needs to continue overcoming the challenges she faces.”

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