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Remarkable London Crash Victim Receives Settlement To Help With Rehabilitation

Funds Secured For London Air Ambulance As Part Of Settlement


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

A London woman who suffered a severe traumatic injury in a car accident six years ago but has since defied the odds after extensive rehabilitation and walked a 5km charity walk has received a settlement to help continue with her remarkable recovery.

Kim Bowler, 41, from London, was hit by a 4x4 car which lost control in October 2009, smashing through metal railings protecting a central pedestrian reservation area on Cromwell Road, London. She was left with severe injuries including 22 rib fractures, a spinal cord injury and burst lungs.

At the time of the collision she was walking home in West London and it was only down to the quick actions of the London Air Ambulance Service, who arrived on the scene within just seven minutes, that Kim survived.

She instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell’s London office to secure her the funds to cover the specialist rehabilitation she needs to live as independently as possible.

Expert lawyers have now secured her an undisclosed settlement which will help provide her with the support of a personal assistant to help with her care and everyday tasks which she now finds difficult because of her injuries. Kim also was able to fund assistance from a case manager and a number of clinicians to maximise her recovery and help her address ongoing difficulties.

As part of the settlement the costs of the London Air Ambulance which was despatched to take her to hospital at the time were recovered and paid directly to the charity running the service.

Previous interim payments secured by the Irwin Mitchell team from the car driver’s insurance company have also allowed Kim to move into a suitable wheelchair accessible flat in North London.

Kim said: “The final settlement now gives me the peace of mind that my care and rehabilitation needs will be met for the rest of my life. I will never be the same again because of the crash but thanks to the London Air Ambulance service and the various specialists that have helped me throughout my rehabilitation I have a chance to live independently and I am forever thankful for that.”

Kim was rushed to the Royal London Hospital but despite not being able to feel her legs she didn’t realise how serious her injuries were. She has since undergone several operations on her spine as well as an intensive rehabilitation programme of physiotherapy, pain management and psychotherapy.

The rehabilitation process saw her walk again; improve the distance she could walk and increase her strength and endurance. She no longer relies on her wheelchair indoors, unless she is particularly ill or tired, and she now uses crutches for short distances outdoors.

In recent years she has raised money for the London Air Ambulance Service that saved her life by walking a 5km fun run in Regent’s Park and abseiling in the City. She has also lobbied MPs for St Georges’ Trauma Centre to also have a helipad so that more trauma victimscan be treated more quickly at major hospital centres in London.

Kim is now also mentoring other spinal cord patients after working with the Back-Up Trust which is a charity which provides information and support for those affected by spinal cord injury and their families and friends.

Kim added: “Both the physical and emotional trauma of the crash have been difficult to overcome but I’m determined to keep a positive attitude and my walking has improved massively. It took a long time for me to realise how seriously injured I was but the rehabilitation and therapies have helped me to understand my situation.

“I’m so pleased that I can get involved in fundraising and awareness raising for the organisations that have helped me such as the Back Up Trust. There is help out there for victims of serious injury and I hope my story can inspire others who may be struggling.”

Expert Opinion
“Kim is an inspiration to other people who have suffered serious spinal injuries and she is determined to help give back to those organisations and charities that have helped her along the way. We are pleased to have agreed a fair settlement which will enable her to continue her rehabilitation both for her physical and psychological injuries. The progress she has made has been remarkable.

“I hope the case also highlights the serious consequences of road incidents and the impact they can have on people’s lives.”
Laura Middleton-Guerard, Partner

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