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I joined Irwin Mitchell as a solicitor in September 2007 and have since worked as part of Colin Ettinger's team. I became an Associate in September 2011,a Senior Associate in 2017, and a Partner in 2018. I assist clients who have sustained life-changing injuries as a result of road traffic collisions, accidents at work or acts of violence. I typically represent clients who have suffered brain, spinal cord or severe orthopaedic injuries.

The main focus for me is to settle liability for the injuries sustained at the earliest opportunity. During this time, our Client Liaison Manager (an occupational therapist) will become involved to maximise my client’s entitlement to statutory services, to organise and chase up referrals for example; anything which will help my client and their family. Once liability is determined, the legal claim can be used to fund a client's rehabilitation and maximise recovery. Our team's aim is to put a care package in place together with all the recommended therapies in order to restore our client's quality of life as soon as possible after the accident.

I am a member of APIL and an accredited Senior Litigator. I am also one of the few solicitors who has obtained APIL’s specialist Brain Injury accreditation.

I was a Trustee for Headway North West London (Brent and Harrow) for 4 years and I now sit on the Board of Roadpeace, the national road safety charity.

I have previously published an article for APIL dealing with split indexation of periodical payments in a case where my client was a ventilated tetraplegic who had decided to remain in a nursing home. We were able to ensure that annual payments made for the rest of his life were indexed to reflect both the rising costs of his general care but also of the nursing care he required.

Cases of Note:

Spinal Injury

Many of my clients have sustained a spinal injury. In such cases, I have successfully used the claim as a means of getting the rehabilitation they need in place for them at the earliest possibility. This approach focuses on maximising my client’s quality of life and ultimately, also assists in maximising damages recovered. Settlements have ranged from £5m to £13.25m.

Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is sometimes an invisible injury. Clients will need to be seen by specialist medical experts and clinicians to ensure the practical difficulties they face on a day to day basis come to the fore. Again, using the claim to obtain interim payments and securing early therapeutic intervention and support is the way Irwin Mitchell approaches such cases. Settlements have ranged from £485,000 to £1.5m.

Orthopaedic Injury

Over the years I have acted for clients who have sustained a multitude of orthopaedic injuries. They may cause life long difficulties for clients when recovery is not 100 per cent or increased mobility restrictions as the client ages. Such injuries may affect people’s ability to return to pre-injury work and loss of earnings is often a head of loss which needs to be thoroughly investigated. Settlements in excess of £300,000 have been secured.

What Inspired You To Get Into Law?

Agatha Christie novels for the problem-solving element definitely played their part. I also wanted to work in a profession where I would have day to day client contact and make a difference. 

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role?

Clients come to us at a very distressing moment in their lives. The most rewarding part of my role has to be, without a doubt, seeing clients' quality of life improve dramatically as a result of the legal claim; knowing that during the life of the claim, it can be used to get interim payments and maximise a client’s rehabilitation; and then at the end knowing that the clients’ future care, equipment and therapeutic needs will be met so that he/she can have the best quality of life. 

What Do You Like About Working At Irwin Mitchell?

I would have to say working as part of a team who is committed and passionate about what they do. We have great resources from our colleagues in support departments and there is a wealth of knowledge which is shared on specialist cases.

What Do You Do Away From The Office?

Playing 5-a-side football with the Irwin Mitchell team despite my advancing years, good food and the theatre are what I enjoy in my free time, although my main love has always been travel.

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 12/02/2016
    Remarkable London Crash Victim Receives Settlement To Help With Rehabilitation

    “Kim is an inspiration to other people who have suffered serious spinal injuries and she is determined to help give back to those organisations and charities that have helped her along the way. We are pleased to have agreed a fair settlement which will enable her to continue her rehabilitation both for her physical and psychological injuries. The progress she has made has been remarkable. “I hope the case also highlights the serious consequences of road incidents and the impact they can have on people’s lives.”

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  • 22/05/2014
    Family ‘Appalled’ That Motorist Was Given Fine When Uncle Has Been Left Unable To Walk Or Talk

    Ken and his family have been left devastated by the accident and we are supporting them so that we can secure justice for the injuries he sustained as well as raise the importance of safety on the UK’s roads. “Sadly we see so many people who have suffered life-changing injuries in road traffic collisions. The judge sympathised with Ken’s family by saying it was the highest sentence he could have given to the defendant, but the family understandably remain disappointed with this. “Ken raised his three nieces from a young age and took on the roles of both parents after their mother died. They are understandably worried about their uncle who is suffering from severe injuries including a traumatic brain injury. “Now that the criminal proceedings have concluded we are working to secure vital funding for Ken and his family to ensure that he has access to suitable rehabilitation, therapy and care to aid his ongoing recovery.”

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  • 30/04/2014
    Coroner Writes To London Ambulance Service Urging Improvements To Prevent Future Deaths

    Dr Parkash’s family are dealing with a truly heartbreaking and unimaginable ordeal and hopefully yesterday’s hearing has provided them with some of the answers which they have been desperately seeking. They have spent the past year wondering exactly what happened and have struggled to come to terms with his death. “We invited the Coroner to make a number of recommendations designed to prevent future similar deaths and we welcome the Regulation 28 report as it is vital that lessons are learnt from this tragedy. Improvements should now be made by the London Ambulance Service and taken on board by other ambulance services across the country. “Two children have lost their parents in tragic circumstances at a very young age, something which they will obviously have to live with forever. The family has understandably been left shocked and devastated by their loss and we will now continue to support them in their battle for justice.”

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  • 20/11/2013
    High Court Approves Six Figure Settlement For Accident Victim Left With Serious Brain Injuries

    Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury and also fractured his collar bone in the accident two years ago when he fell from a train carriage. We have been working to ensure he has the necessary funds to allow him to live the most independent life possible. “Brain injuries are complex and it takes time to fully assess the level of support that will be needed throughout a lifetime. In the last two years, he has overcome a number of obstacles in his recovery; he has shown remarkable strength and determination with the help of his family and notably his wife, Sue. “At Irwin Mitchell we have specialist client liaison managers who were able to work with our client and his family initially to assist with referrals for occupational therapy, liaise with the care agency and ensure rehabilitation referrals were followed through. This took place while liability was denied in full by his employers, which remained the case up to settlement. “The six figure settlement agreed today ensures our client's future needs will be taken care of and gives his family peace of mind for the future. The funds will be managed by the Court of Protection which helps vulnerable individuals to ensure that their settlement will last them their lifetime.”

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