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Woman Suffers Broken Pelvis After Being Knocked Over On Grass Verge

Serious Injury Lawyers Secure Settlement For On-going Treatment


A woman left with multiple fractures to her pelvis after a car was shunted onto a grass verge at the side of a dual carriageway, where she was stood helping her daughter, whose car had broken down, has spoken out for the first time as she receives a settlement to help with her recovery.

Anna Harrison, from Egginton, in Derby, had pulled over just past the slip road to Littleover on the A38 northbound carriageway on 17th December 2012 after receiving a call from her daughter, Jane, who had broken down at the side of the road.

After helping her daughter, the nursing assistant was stood on the verge with her partner when suddenly a van being driven along the carriageway crashed into the back of her car shunting it into them

Anna was taken to Royal Derby Hospital where she had scans and x-rays which confirmed she had fractured her pelvis and needed surgery. She was transferred to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham in excruciating pain and had an operation a few days later to fix metal bars into her pelvis to help it heal.

The 51-year-old instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the accident and the law firm has now secured Anna a five-figure settlement to cover her loss of earnings after having five months off work while she was injured and also to help cover the costs of future medical treatment she needs.

The driver of the van pleaded guilty on 2nd May 2013 to careless driving at South Derbyshire Magistrates Court and was fined and had 5 points endorsed on his driving licence.

Louise Morgan, a specialist serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing Anna, said:

Expert Opinion
“Anna suffered devastating injuries and she still suffers from on-going health problems to this day, nearly three years on from the accident.

“We work with many people whose lives have been devastated by incidents on our roads and we want to make sure that safety for both pedestrians and drivers remains a priority.

“We have been working with Anna to help with her recovery and rehabilitation and we have been able to secure a fair settlement for her from the driver’s insurers so that she can have access to funds to help support her.”
Louise Morgan, Associate

Following the incident, Anna spent Christmas in hospital but was eventually discharged from hospital on 4th January 2013 when she went to stay with her daughter in Mackworth, Derby, as she needed help doing most simple tasks such as moving around, dressing, having a shower and going to the toilet. Anna wasn’t able to bear any weight so had to use a wheelchair before later being given crutches to assist her in getting around. She started to have hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to build the strength up in her legs again.

She was able to return to work in May after nearly five months off, but only on light duties. In July 2013 Anna had the metalwork in her pelvis removed as it was causing her a lot of pain.

She has since developed Lymphoedema (swelling in her leg) and has to attend a six-monthly clinic and wear a pressure stocking to try and alleviate the swelling.

Anna said: “The accident has had a significant impact on my life – I still struggle with pain in my pelvis and back and now I have been diagnosed with Lymphoedema which is very uncomfortable as my leg can get very swollen.

“I am a real outdoor person; I come from a family of farmers and love being out in the fresh air and looking after the animals I keep near my home. When I was in a wheelchair I was not able to go outside much and had to employ someone to look after the animals. I found myself in the position where I was completely inactive and had to rely heavily on others around me to help with the simplest tasks such as getting out of bed.

“I became very anxious, especially when I was in the car and I went to see a psychologist to help me come to terms with what had happened. It has been difficult for me to adjust to the changes in my life and has been a struggle to accept that a lot of things may never go back to normal.

"I am relieved that the legal case has come to a close and I can start to look forward to the future and focus on my recovery and rehabilitation. I hope that all drivers take note of my case and make sure they take more care on the roads in future to help prevent future similar accidents.”

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