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Urgent Safety Review Needed After A18 In Lincolnshire Is Named Britain’s Most Dangerous Road

Report from the Road Safety Foundation Also Highlights Other Problem Areas In The UK


Serious injury specialists at Irwin Mitchell have called for an urgent review into a 10-mile stretch of the A18 in north east Lincolnshire which has been identified as the most dangerous road in the country.

It topped the list of ‘Britain’s Persistently Higher Risk Roads’ in a new report released by the Road Safety Foundation (RSF).

The number of fatal and serious crashes on the narrow rural road between Laceby and Ludborough has increased by 70% since 2010. From 2011 to 2013 there were 17 incidents with 41% of these accidents involving vehicles veering off the winding, tree-lined road.

The RSF report highlights where the current problem areas are across the UK and where the Highways Agency needs to focus its efforts to make the whole road network safer overall.

It also highlighted other problem areas including a four-mile stretch of the A36 in Totton, Hampshire, and an 18-mile section of the A588 between Blackpool and Lancaster. Other dangerous blackspots include the A44 between Llangurig and Aberystwyth, in Mid Wales, and the A532 in Crewe.

The most improved road in Britain was the A70 between Cumnock and Ayr, south-west Scotland which saw a 94% reduction in the number of fatal and serious crashes.

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Expert Opinion
“This report highlights the need for an urgent review into the high level of incidents on the A18 in north east Lincolnshire.

“Crucially, this stretch of the A18 topped a list of roads which have shown little or no improvement in accident levels, and in this case have actually seen a significantly higher number of crashes.

“This shows that safety improvements should be a priority and any measures appropriate for this stretch of road should be considered.

“Through working with our clients we regularly see the impact of serious road accidents and families dealing with the loss of loved ones. Those who do survive often suffer life changing injuries and have to go through years of rehabilitation and physiotherapy to try and rebuild their lives.

“Obviously it is positive to see that the overall number of people killed and seriously injured on roads in Britain has fallen in recent years but the number of deaths and injuries still remains high, especially in the areas highlighted in the report.

“Looking into these roads should be a priority and if money is needed to improve them, then the Government should set adequate funds aside. Ultimately it is a small price to pay if it saves lives in future and prevent serious life changing injuries.”
Louise Jenkins, Partner