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Scottish Lawyers Welcome Calls To Improve Pleural Plaques Support

Research Calls For Rethink On Current Legal Process


Specialist lawyers representing those affected by asbestos-related disease have welcomed a new report calling for better support for victims diagnosed with pleural plaques.

The study by the University of Stirling has raised concerns that those affected by the lung and chest condition are left facing an ultimatum when trying to access financial support to fund the cost of their care.

Hawick News reports that victims have to either choose to take a small provisional payout which means they can return to court later if the condition develops into mesothelioma, or alternatively take a larger payment in full which would end any legal liability.

The research suggests that changes should be made to separate pleural plaques from other conditions, which would mean victims can seek support payments while also pursuing future claims if their condition becomes more serious.

Such conclusions have been welcomed by legal experts at Irwin Mitchell Scotland, who represent both victims diagnosed with asbestos-related disease and the families of those who have died as a result of such illnesses.

Representatives from the law firm will be among those who will discuss the report at an upcoming meeting held at the Scottish Parliament on September 8th.