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Lawyers Instructed After Woman Hospitalised On Egyptian Holiday

Holidaymaker Demands Answers After Illness At Amar Sina Hotel


Specialist travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have been instructed to investigate after a woman was hit by gastric symptoms which caused her to have to visit the local medical centre to have an IV drip during a holiday at an Egyptian hotel this summer.

Helena Harrison, from Essex, has revealed how she has lost approximately one and a half stones in weight since suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting during the break at the Amar Sina Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh in July 2015.

The 45-year-old complained that on occasions the food in the buffet restaurant was served lukewarm and that there were sometimes cats walking over the tables in the dining area.

On her return home, Helena also visited her GP with continuing back pain as she slipped on some water that was leaking from the toilet in her hotel room in Egypt. Her doctor has now referred Helena to a specialist for a scan to determine the reasons behind her on-going back pain. 

Now, Helena has revealed her hope for answers regarding the ordeal after instructing expert lawyers at Irwin Mitchell’s International Personal Injury team to investigate the illness she suffered on the holiday booked with Low Cost Holidays.com.

The specialist travel lawyers, who have vast experience in helping victims of illness outbreaks across the world gain answers and access vital financial support to aid their recovery, have now begun investigations into the reported illness at the Amar Sina Hotel.

Expert Opinion
“After hearing the very concerning first-hand account from Helena, we have begun to investigate the illness which she suffered during her stay in Egypt.

“Helena faced an awful ordeal which impacted not only her holiday, but also on her life at home. As such, the seriousness of these issues cannot be underestimated and we are determined to ensure that she gets the answers she deserves regarding what caused her illness.

“We would like to hear from anyone who also suffered illness at the Amar Sina Hotel around the same time as Helena as they may be able to help with our investigations.”
Nichola Blackburn, Other Legal Expert

Helena fell ill during the first week of her fortnight-long holiday, she suffered from stomach cramps, diarrhoea and sickness being the first symptoms to emerge.

She said: “I became really sick just five days into my holiday and I visited the onsite doctor who advised I visit the medical centre. I was given medication and put on a drip for three hours and asked to come back the next day for the same treatment. It was pretty scary and not what you expect at all when you go on holiday.

“I was given some tablets to relieve the symptoms that I was suffering from. I was also given some cream for the back pain I endured after the fall at the hotel, but it didn’t get rid of the pain.

“I was really upset that I couldn’t go on the majority of the excursions we’d planned. The holiday was awful.”

Helena saw her GP on her return to the UK and she was told that it would take a while for her to recover from the symptoms.

Helena added: “My life still isn’t back to normal since coming home. Not only do I still have to deal with continuing symptoms, I’ve also been unable to enjoy my usual hobbies, like taking my lovely dog for a nice long walk. I just hope we can find out what caused the problems.”

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