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Woman Lucky To Be Alive Awarded Settlement After Being Hit By Speeding Car

23-Year-Old Praises Rehabilitation Services For Helping Her Regain Independence


A young woman who suffered life changing injuries after a hit-and-run driver ploughed into her at speed, knocking her 28 metres through the air, has praised the rehabilitation care she has received as she seeks to regain her independence.

Tori Brewer, from Bagshot in Surrey, has spoken of her relief now that her legal battle is over, after specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell secured her a settlement that will enable her to continue to make progress with her recovery and rehabilitation.

In April 2011, she was walking to the pub with her mum and step-dad to celebrate the Royal Wedding. As she crossed the road, she was hit by a vehicle, driven by painter and decorator Matthew Mooney, who fled the scene at Puttenham Heath Road but was arrested by police a short time later.

The 23-year-old was airlifted to King’s College Hospital, where she spent 10 days sedated in the critical surgery unit and a total of three months being treated for fractures to her skull, ribs, pelvis and spine. She was required to wear a metal fixator (brace) around her pelvis to encourage her fractures to heal and needed intensive physiotherapy, as well as neuropsychology and occupational health therapies as a result of the head injuries she suffered.

But the former hairdresser has surpassed expectations with her recovery - Tori moved into her own home for the first time in March 2013 where she lives independently and has now taken up a new role caring for other people who have suffered neurological injury.

Tori credits the ‘amazing’ and ‘invaluable’ rehabilitation services she has had access to, enabling her to make fantastic progress throughout her recovery.  Now that law firm Irwin Mitchell has secured Tori a settlement , this will help towards her continuing treatment and medical costs.

Tori said: “The injuries I suffered over three years ago continue to impact my life now and my recovery so far has by no means been easy, but I have been determined not to let my injuries control my life, as I know that I am lucky to be alive. This made me keen to use my experiences to help others, which is why I now work as a carer to help other people who have been through a similar ordeal.

“I have been fortunate that my legal team at Irwin Mitchell have ensured I have had access to amazing rehabilitation facilities, such as physiotherapy to help with my physical injuries, as well as neuropsychology and occupational health therapies to help me overcome the head injury and emotional trauma I suffered.

“Without this, I wouldn’t have been able to make the progress I have over the last few years. I have moved into my own home and feel confident about living independently, which is so vital in providing a good quality of life and in helping me feel confident about my future.                                                              

“I want to raise awareness about the fantastic facilities and services that are available to those who have suffered a brain injury. There is so much help out there to enable them to have support and someone to talk to who understands what they are going through.”

Despite leaving the scene of the incident, Mr Mooney, of Court Road, Aldershot, was quickly caught after his boss got stuck in the traffic jam from the accident scene and interrogated him when he saw the extensive damage to his company car. His boss then drove him back to the scene of the incident where he was immediately arrested by the police, who later estimated he was travelling at 56mph in a 40mph zone.

He was sentenced to seven months in prison and disqualified from driving for two years at Guildford Crown Court on 9 March 2012, after pleading guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop and failing to report an accident. Mooney served one month of his sentence before being released.

Expert Opinion
“Tori has made a brilliant recovery from the horrific injuries she suffered, but the fact remains that her life will never be the same again because of what happened that day.

“The settlement for Tori will provide her with the necessary funds for all her future rehabilitation needs, as well as cover her loss of earnings, as her head injury means that she suffers from fatigue and is left unable to work full-time any more.

“Tori’s determination to rebuild her life is incredible and the progress she has made since the accident is phenomenal and she has remained strong when others would have given up. We wish her every success in her role as a carer for people with head injuries and we have no doubt she will inspire others with her positive outlook. The case should also serve as a reminder to all drivers to take responsibility for their actions on the road.”
Tracey Storey, Partner

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