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New Reflective Cycle Safety Initiative Launched

Spray To Aid Night Visibility Trialled In UK By Volvo


Car manufacturer Volvo launched trials of a new cycle safety initiative in the UK last week, unveiling a reflective spray to aid night visibility for cyclists.

LifePaint has been created in partnership with design firm Grey London and Swedish company Albedo100, and is currently being sold at six cycle shops in London and Kent. If the spray proves popular with cyclists, the project will expand both domestically and internationally.

While invisible in daylight, the reflective spray glows bright white in the glare of car headlights, and works for 10 days before requiring re-application. Although designed with cyclists in mind, the spray can be used to treat any fabric – including children's backpacks or dog leads – to protect vulnerable road users.

A high number of cyclist deaths in London so far in 2015 has created an increased concern in cycling safety. A number of cycle safety initiatives are currently being trialled in London, including RFID censors for lorries.

Adrian Walsh, Director of RoadSafe, said: "Driving a car is a complex and demanding task. In poor light conditions it becomes even harder, especially in towns and cities where the road is often shared with cyclists and pedestrians.

"It is really encouraging to see a manufacturer reaching out to make pedestrians and cyclists less vulnerable."

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Expert Opinion
Cycling safety continues to be in the spotlight up and down the country, with the number of fatal incidents in London already so far this year being a particular cause for concern. With this in mind, any new ideas or concepts based around improving safety have to be welcomed.

"Too many cyclists are killed or seriously injured on British roads and in many cases visibility can be identified as an issue. This product could prove to be a very useful idea and it will be interesting to see how successful it is across the coming months."

Stephen Nye, Partner

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