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Government Updates Cybersecurity Advice For SMEs

Small Business Cybersecurity Guide Issued To Address Changing Demands On SMEs


The government has issued a Small Business Cybersecurity Guide to assist SMEs who lack experienced staff, or cannot afford many of the resources available to larger companies.
As many as 60% of SMEs experienced a cybersecurity breach in 2014, with the average cost of the worst breaches reaching as much as £115,000.
The guide focuses on the basics of cybersecurity, ensuring that SMEs are aware of the importance of using more complex passwords, deleting suspicious emails, and keeping software updated.
Also included is information on how to implement security controls, such as malware protection and proper managing of user privileges.
Most importantly, the guide presents the full extent of risks that a small business faces when it fails to implement adequate cybersecurity, also highlighting the importance of a good cybersecurity record in becoming part of a supply chain for larger enterprises.

Expert Opinion
So many small businesses are reliant on online services and platforms to support the development of their operations and relationships with clients and customers.

"With this in mind, they simply cannot afford to ignore the issue of having proper security in place - particularly as there could be massive financial and reputational damage if they suffer a breach.

"There are clear rules in place regarding data protection and it is vital that businesses speak to legal experts to ensure they are fully compliant on all necessary regulations."
Fergal Dowling, Partner

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