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NSPCC Abuse Figures ‘A Sign Victims Feel Confident To Speak Out’

Legal Experts See 60% Increase In Enquiries On Such Cases


Specialist lawyers who have seen a 60 per cent increase in enquiries related to child abuse in recent years have described new NSPCC figures showing a rise in reported offences as a concern, but added that the study showed victims feel confident that their voices will be heard if they speak out.

Figures compiled by the NSPCC found that 31,500 offences were recorded in England and Wales in the year up to April 2014, which was up 8,500 from the previous 12 months. It was estimated that 85 offences are recorded by police every day.

Compiled through a Freedom of Information request, it also revealed victims were mostly aged between 12 and 16, with the Metropolitan Police recording the highest number of sex crimes against children.

According to specialist abuse lawyers at Irwin Mitchell, the number of offences was shocking but the study did highlight more people were coming forward to report sexual crime. The national law firm has seen a 60 per cent increase in abuse-related enquiries across the past three years.

Expert Opinion
“While it is shocking to see the number of recorded sexual offences against children rise so sharply, it should be welcomed that young people who have been abused feel confident that if they speak out their voices will be heard and they will be taken seriously.

“The research tallies with our own data which shows we have seen a 60 per cent increase in the number of enquiries related to abuse cases in the past three years.

“What these figures highlight is that while high-profile cases such as Jimmy Savile or Rolf Harris have brought this issue into the spotlight in the past few years, abuse is not just carried out by those in the public eye.

“We see many cases in which people in all walks of life who are in a position of trust or power take advantage of their situation. This abuse can have a major impact on sufferers, leaving them with lasting trauma which affects all aspects of their lives.

“It takes great strength to come forward, but we hope that these figures and recent developments on tackling abuse will encourage victims to come forward. This will then allow them to not only get justice but also secure vital funds to help them access specialist counselling and therapy.”
Tracey Storey, Partner

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