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Doncaster MP Calls For Road Safety Review After Eight Deaths On Local Roads

Serious Injury Lawyers Back Road Safety Review Calls


Expert serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have backed Doncaster MP Caroline Flint’s calls for a thorough road safety review after eight people were killed in car accidents in the area in a month.

Four women and four men died in the incidents and the MP is calling for a review of the speed limits on Doncaster’s roads.

She said: “The road casualty figures in Doncaster are truly alarming. Almost every month, there is another serious accident. Doncaster has not seen the year-by-year improvements in road safety in the last 15 years that many areas in the UK have seen.

“These roads are not owned by those who want to travel fastest through the borough or by businesses. They are owned by the community and managed on their behalf by the council. It is time communities had the final say on road safety.”

David Withers, a serious injury lawyer at law firm Irwin Mitchell, which is running its own safer journeys campaign to encourage all road users to stay safe over the winter months, backed the calls for a review.

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Expert Opinion
“We have seen through our own work just how serious collisions on the road can be and the life-changing impact they can have on those involved, as well as their loved ones.

“Clearly, there have been a concerning number of fatalities on Doncaster’s roads recently and it is important to take this issue seriously. A review of road safety and speed limits in the area may highlight areas that need improvement, or new regulations, which will hopefully lead to a fall in the number of incidents, serious injuries and fatalities.

“It is vital all road users take their own responsibility for safety on the roads seriously and ensure they do everything possible to stay safe when using the roads.”
David Withers, Partner