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Mother Regrets Cheap Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Claire Hawker’s Breast Implants Were Too Large And Ripped Her Skin Open


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397
A mother-of-two who travelled to Prague for cosmetic surgery now regrets her decision after she almost died when her implants ripped open her skin just days after the procedure.

Claire Hawker, 30, paid £4,000 for flights and surgery abroad after being recommended a surgeon by a friend. However, days after her operation a brown liquid began leaking from her breasts and the implants burst through her skin.

She said the surgeon spoke very little English and that she showed him pictures of celebrities to illustrate what she wanted. When she woke up after the operation she was in “total agony” and had severe pain in her chest.

The breast uplift and implant procedure cost £3,200 – a third of what Ms Hawker would have paid in the UK - however she now wishes she had saved up for the procedure in the UK and thoroughly researched all of her options.

Surgeons at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough told Ms Hawker her implants were too big and they had ripped open the skin around them, which had become infected. She was told the implants needed to be removed or she would die.

The surgeon explained that she was the fourth person that week that had been to the hospital after suffering complications following cosmetic surgery abroad.

"I spent two weeks in hospital and regretted going overseas so much," she said. "It really hadn’t been worth it." After being discharged Ms Hawker had to visit the hospital every two weeks for a year so nurses could clean her wounds and check her breasts were healing.

Ms Hawker added: "I wish I hadn’t been so eager before to have cosmetic surgery. I should have researched my options and saved up to have it done in the UK. Instead, going abroad almost cost me my life. It’s not worth risking it for cheap cosmetic surgery."

If you've suffered due to negligent cosmetic surgery you might be entitled to claim compensation. See our Cosmetic Surgery Claims or Cosmetic Breast Surgery Claims page for more information.

Expert Opinion
This is a shocking case and it illustrates the risks patients are exposed to when they travel abroad for cheaper cosmetic surgery. All too often we see the long-term physical and psychological complications that can result from botched procedures outside of the UK.

“It is crucial those considering undergoing cosmetic procedures consult surgeons and conduct thorough research before agreeing to undergo an operation.

“By going through this process, patients can raise any queries or concerns they have and feel comfortable with their decision to go ahead with the procedure before it commences.”
Mandy Luckman, Partner

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