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BCC Publishes Business Manifesto

'A Business Plan For Britain' For The Next Government Published


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The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has published a new report detailing the expectations of firms from across the UK with regard to the next government, which will be appointed during next year's general election.

'A Business Plan for Britain' is the name of the document and it centres around seven main themes companies throughout the country would like the next government to address.

Firstly, businesses want to make sure they are retaining the best possible UK talent when it comes to recruitment, while also developing the skills of the next generation.

For instance, this could be achieved by lowering childcare costs to enable more people to stay in work when they have children.

Secondly, firms want to see global trade barriers removed to enhance the country's potential with regard to overseas investment and relationships.

Thirdly, the BCC report includes recommendations for the UK's infrastructure to be improved, until it reaches a standard that is deemed to be world class.

In addition, companies are calling for business costs and taxes to be reduced, as they believe this will help to boost competitiveness.

Furthermore, long-term business investment with greater promotion of access to finance and backing investors was listed as being coveted by many firms.

The BCC report is also calling for improvements to be made to the UK's business relationship with Europe, as it believes these will be vital to ensuring the country's future success.

Finally, the seventh proposal involves placing businesses at the centre of local growth, meaning firms would get a bigger say in community decisions in a bid to boost the economies of certain areas.

Director general of the BCC John Longworth commented: "The decisions taken during the term of the next parliament will have a profound impact on the UK's ability to grow. We need a business plan for Britain, with governments across the UK focusing their attention on creating the best possible environment for growth and expertise.

"Our Business Plan for Britain is practical, pragmatic and achievable," he added.

Expert Opinion
The past few months have seen confidence among businesses rise significantly, but it is clear that there is still much to be done to ensure that conditions are perfect for SMEs to thrive in.

"The points raised in the BCC manifesto are not new and are issues which have been raised as significant obstacles to further growth in the economy for some time. Regardless of the outcome of the election next year, it is vital that these issues remain high on the agenda of the future government.

"Such problems are key areas for consideration if UK business is going to enjoy success in the coming years."
Fergal Dowling, Partner

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