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Woman ‘Lucky To Be Alive’ After Being Dragged Underneath Lorry Speaks Out To Mark Road Safety Week

Expert Serious Injury Lawyers Appeal For Witnesses To Help Secure Justice


A woman left seriously injured after she was hit by a lorry and dragged beneath it for 30 yards whilst cycling to work has called for more to be done to keep cyclists safe on London’s roads and backed the charity BRAKE’s Road Safety Week.

Elizabeth Crockett, from Greenwich, in London, suffered multiple injuries including a fractured collar bone and back, seven broken ribs, as well as friction burns and bruises to her back and body after a skip lorry turned into the path of her bicycle on Battersea Bridge on 4 October 2013.

The 34-year-old has been too traumatised to get back on her bike since the collision and has now instructed serious injury experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell to investigate and help her gain access to specialist rehabilitation such as physiotherapy and counselling to help her come to terms with what happened.

As no action was taken by police due to insufficient evidence, the legal team is appealing to anybody who witnessed the incident to come forward as their evidence may prove vital in securing justice for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is speaking out alongside her serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to mark the road safety charity BRAKE’s Road Safety Week (17-23 November) which has a theme this year to ‘look out for each other’ on the roads.

Expert Opinion
The collision has had a significant impact on Elizabeth’s life as not only has she suffered multiple injuries, but she has also struggled to come to terms with the trauma of what happened.

“Elizabeth has also had to give up cycling, which she loved because she is simply too terrified to get back into the saddle on the busy roads in London.

“We continue to be contacted by a significant number of cyclists who have suffered injury on the roads and we have long called for the appropriate infrastructure and legislation to be put in place to protect vulnerable cyclists and to help other road users avoid them. We hope Road Safety Week serves as a reminder to all road users about the importance of taking care on the roads to protect both theirs and other people’s safety.

“Due to a lack of evidence the police were unable to pursue a prosecution in this case however any witnesses to the collision could help us secure a rehabilitation settlement for Elizabeth which would make a huge difference to her quality of life. We urge anyone who thinks they have information to get in touch so we can look to secure justice that will help her begin rebuilding her life.”
Peter Lorence, Solicitor
Elizabeth was taken to St George’s Hospital where she remained for six days and was given a walking brace so she could get around as she wasn’t able to use crutches because of her broken collar bone.

She was able to return to work two months later, but struggled with the pain of her injuries and also the psychological impact it had had on her - she now suffers anxiety when her loved ones are out and about in London, especially if they are cycling and has had to heavily rely on her friends and family to help her through the traumatic incident.

Elizabeth recalls: “I remember everything about the accident itself which still haunts me to this day. I particularly remember thinking that I was going to die. I remember being alongside the vehicle and knowing there was enough space between myself and the truck but then suddenly realising it was veering into me.

“Soon after the accident, I was surrounded by a number of people and was later told that the lorry only stopped when a passer-by flagged it down as it sped off along Surrey Lane after the bridge. The pain in my back and my sides was excruciating so I was relieved when the paramedics arrived and put me on the backboard to stabilise my spine.

“I have not been able to ride a bicycle since my accident which I miss so much – my friends have tried to encourage me, but I cannot get back on a bike. I visited a physiotherapist who helped me to recover from my injuries and unfortunately it was located near to where I had my accident and it was a huge struggle for me to be anywhere near there. 

“Now I have to use public transport which is incredibly expensive and something I would not have been doing if I could still ride my bike. This has a significant impact on me, along with the frustration of not being able to go around on a bike and worrying about loved ones who do.

“It is taking me a long time to come to terms with what happened as I know things could have been even worse and I am lucky to be alive.

“More must be done to help cyclists and motorists share the roads, particularly lorry drivers – I can’t understand why action hasn’t been taken when there seems to be incidents occurring like mine on an almost daily basis. I hope that Road Safety Week reminds drivers to be on the lookout at all times for vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, to prevent anyone else from suffering like I have.

“I also hope that anyone who saw what happened to me will come forward as any information could be vital in helping my battle for justice.”

Anyone who has any information about Elizabeth’s accident on 4 October 2013 on Battersea Bridge in London is urged to contact Peter Lorence at Irwin Mitchell on 0207 421 3867 or email peter.lorence@irwinmitchell.com. 

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