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Legal Action Launched Against Dunn’s Dairy Beacon View Farm Following Illness

Lawyers Instructed to Investigate Serious Illness Problems


Irwin Mitchell’s UK illness lawyers are representing victims who suffered serious illness after consuming milk products from Dunn’s Dairy in Devon in June last year.

The legal experts represent 11 people who were affected by gastric symptoms, with several confirmed cases of campylobacter, who all consumed milk and cream products from Dunn’s Dairy at Beacon View Farm prior to falling ill.  Dunn’s Dairy denies liability for the illness suffered.

The experts have successfully represented thousands of people who have fallen ill with food poisoning after consuming contaminated food products.

Amandeep Singh Samra, a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who specialises in helping illness outbreak victims, said: “Through our work on behalf of these clients, we have heard first-hand the health consequences that our clients have suffered following falling ill.

“While a recall of the milk was issued regarding the suspected problems, for some the warning simply came too late and meant that people have suffered significant illness. Even months on, some of the Claimants still continue to suffer health issues and are coming to terms with what they have been through.”

Among the clients that Irwin Mitchell is representing is Fiona Ross from Torquay. The 40-year-old mother had to take time off work when her baby daughter Ruby, who was just 20 months old around the time of the incident, suffered campylobacter – a form of food poisoning which causes severe gastric symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting - after consuming products from the dairy.

Fiona, a hospital dietician, said: “Ruby lost a considerable amount in weight when she fell ill and it was incredibly distressing to see her go through the illness. As a single parent, it was just so stressful to see your little, vulnerable child suffer with something like this.

“Ruby was also due to have an operation in relation to a separate health matter but that had to be postponed because she was just simply too ill.

“We are so hugely frustrated about what happened and, so many months on, we just feel like we don’t know anything about how the milk became contaminated. We want answers about what happened as we want to know why Ruby fell ill.”

Amandeep Singh Samra of Irwin Mitchell added: “Fiona and Ruby’s story is just one of several we’ve heard which have demonstrated the impact these problems have had. Gastric illness can have a devastating, impact on people’s health and the effects of it cannot be underestimated.

“We are now determined to ensure our clients get the answers they clearly need about these issues as well as the justice that they deserve.”

If you or a loved one has suffered food poisoning due to poor hygiene standards, our illness solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Food Poisoning Claims page for more information.

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