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Channel 5's 'Botched Up Bodies' Showcases The Risks Of Surgery Abroad

Programme Highlighted Horror Of Man’s Dental Implants In Budapest


A special edition of the Channel 5 programme ‘Botched Up Bodies’ was aired last night and it truly highlighted the awful risks and potential consequences people could face when choosing to have surgery abroad.

The programme followed the stories of people whose holiday and surgery excursions abroad turned into a total nightmare.
One person that the programme focused on was a 53-year-old fire fighter called Stephen, who was previously unhappy with the state of his teeth and because he was unable to afford the cost of dental care in the UK, he decided to search abroad and found a solution in Budapest.

Stephen was offered cheap dental implants, free accommodation and a package that seemed to be far better than anything he could obtain in the UK.

Unfortunately for Stephen, the surgery was a total disaster and he was left with a set of teeth that required more treatment after than when he went out.

Botched up surgery abroad is a problem that legal experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell know all too well as the firm’s specialist international travel team has represented many people who have suffered and helped them achieve justice against rogue surgeons abroad.

Mandy Luckman, legal expert at Irwin Mitchell warns others about the potential consequences about surgery abroad:

“The programme aired last night truly showcases the bad side to paying for surgery abroad and many people do not think about the consequences, especially the lack of after care.

“There are certainly many things to consider like what happens when you get back to the UK if anything goes wrong, who would you speak to and even though it may seem like a cheap deal, will it then become far more expensive in the long run, rectifying any mistakes.

“As the show proved for poor Stephen, dental lifetime guarantees are totally useless if the procedure fails in the first place.

“If treatment does go wrong when you are there, will you be able to communicate with a doctor or dentist in a foreign country to resolve the issue properly? Then there is the issue of the NHS not being able to do corrective surgery back in the UK and can only provide emergency or life saving treatment.

“We all have the right to look and feel better about ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we deserve to suffer the consequences of damage inflicted by incompetent practitioners or business activities.”

A campaign called ‘Safety in Beauty’ supported by Irwin Mitchell’s Mandy Luckman was launched last year to raise awareness. People can find the campaign running on Twitter using the hashtag #safetyinbeauty and it is intended to expose and hold unscrupulous, uninsured or even illegal practitioners to account.

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