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Horse Rider Safety Highlighted In Government Campaign

Motorists And Riders Targeted By Think! Initiative


The Government’s Think! campaign has turned some of its attention to calling on motorists and horse riders to work together to reduce the number of horse-related collisions on the road.

The Horse Sense aspect of the initiative is calling on car drivers and horse riders to respect each others’ rights to use roads, in an effort to reduce the number of fatalities or serious injuries caused by such incidents.

Offering advice to both motorists and horse riders, Think! has called on drivers to be prepared to slow down and watch out for sudden movements from animals.

In addition, horse riders were urged to ensure they always wear reflective clothing, avoid riding in poor weather and move to single file when it is safe for drivers to overtake.

Expert Opinion
Far too many people are killed or seriously injured on the roads every year and it is vital that the safety of all road users is always a top priority.

"Through our work representing motorists and riders injured in horse-related accidents, we have seen first-hand the huge consequences that such collisions can have on so many people’s lives.

"It is vital that road users are always vigilant and do their utmost to keep themselves and riders, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians safe. It is also important that local authorities carefully consider safety in their respective areas and the potential for the introduction of new measures which could improve standards and reduce the risk of accidents."
Cathryn Godfrey, Associate

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