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Cathryn Godfrey



I represent both adults and children, who have sustained injury in a wide variety of situations including accidents on the road, in public places and at work. I also represent a number of horse riders who have been injured in the situations described above. My knowledge of the law in these areas, together with my own experience of horses, enables me to understand the issues involved, including those which can be related specifically to the horse rider and the problems that they face following an accident.

What Do You Do Away From The Office?

Outside of the office, I am involved with the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund. This is a charity which helps those injured by horses.

Cases I've Been Involved With

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  • 21/11/2017
    Road Safety Week: Irwin Mitchell And The British Horse Society Are Supporting BRAKE’s ‘Speed Down Save Lives’ Campaign

    “All road users need to respect one another and take their responsibilities for road safety seriously, particularly when it comes to vulnerable road users. “Road Safety Week presents us with an opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding on the road and the implications for all road users. “Horses can act unpredictably and can be spooked by a speeding car, which can result in an incident. The highest number of collisions involving horses are after a bend in the road when the driver encounters the horse which takes both the horse and driver by surprise. “By reducing their speed, drivers are more able to respond to horses and other road users, which will hopefully lead to a reduction in the number of horse related incidents. The consequences of a collision can be horrific and life changing for all involved. “In addition to the injuries to the rider and horse, often resulting in the horse being put to sleep, the weight of the horse and speed of impact can cause serious damage to the vehicle and the driver and occupants. “It is in both the driver and riders interest for speed to be reduced.”

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  • 19/12/2016
    Further Measures Needed To Ensure Safety On The Roads For Horse Riders

    “As an avid horse rider myself, I fully support the BHS Dead Slow campaign asking drivers to take into account the rider and the horse when they’re out driving on rural, winding roads. I myself have come to near misses because of drivers not leaving enough room to overtake me. “I have acted for a number of clients who have been injured due to collisions with vehicles on the roads. The impact of the injuries can be life changing and the rehabilitation and recovery period prolonged due to the physical and psychological impact of the incident.” “We fully support the BHS Dead Slow campaign and so far, the MP action is promising. However local authorities urgently need to step in to raise awareness of safety on the roads for horse riders and educate drivers before any more accidents happen.”

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  • 03/07/2015
    Irwin Mitchell Support The Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity

    “Here at Irwin Mitchell in Leeds, we are proud to be raising awareness and vital funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Services. “Through our work, we see first hand how important the air ambulance services are to Yorkshire. The team can quickly respond to someone who is critically injured, this quick response rate from the team can determine life or death situations and is a vital emergency service protecting each and everyone of us here in Yorkshire. “The growing demand in the region has recently seen the YAA announce plans to purchase another air ambulance, therefore this day held in our Yorkshire office is all in aid of supporting this endeavour.”

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  • 12/06/2015
    Horse Riders Call for Improved Road Safety After Serious Injury

    All road users need to respect one another and take their responsibilities for road safety seriously, particularly when it comes to vulnerable road users. “This incident could have been even more serious and we have seen first-hand the long-term physical and psychological impact accidents like this can have. It is absolutely vital road safety is improved and all road users take the time to consider the impact their actions can have on others.

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