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British Lung Foundation Campaign On Asbestos Backed By Lawyers

Experts Welcome Calls For Tradespeople To Be Aware Of Dangers


By Rob Dixon

The British Lung Foundation’s new campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposure among tradespeople has been welcomed by specialist lawyers who help sufferers of diseases related to the hazardous material to obtain justice over such problems.

Called Take 5 and Stay Alive, the initiative is based around emphasising five key points for those working on construction and refurbishment projects to bear in mind if they believe that the deadly mineral fibres may be present in buildings where they are working.

According to the charity, on average 20 tradesmen die every week from conditions related to exposure to asbestos and there remains a lack of information and training among small firms regarding the material and its potentially deadly consequences for them, their colleagues and their loved ones.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist asbestos-related disease team, which represents victims and the families of those who have died from diseases related to exposure to the substance, such as mesothelioma, has welcomed the launch of the major campaign.

Adrian Budgen, national head of asbestos litigation at Irwin Mitchell, said: “The dangers of asbestos have been known for many decades but, despite this and the ban on its use in new buildings, we continue to cases where people have been exposed to the material due to a lack of understanding or information regarding the presence of it.

“The work we do ensures that people exposed to asbestos as a result of inaction by employers get justice over the failings which led to the problems they have developed, as well as financial security which will help them and their family.

“Too often the dangers of asbestos are linked solely to industrial environments, but we see a growing number of cases when people have been exposed during refurbishment works and also during time in public buildings where the material may have become damaged.

“The terrible legacy of asbestos has touched a truly appalling number of lives across the globe and the dangers of the material simply cannot be ignored.”

If you or a loved one has been affected by an asbestos related illness, our solicitors can help you to claim compensation. See our Asbestos Claims page for more information.