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Company Calls For HGV Cameras Following Cyclist Accident

Nine Cyclists Have Been Killed In London So Far This Year


It should be compulsory for lorries to have cameras fitted so that blind spots are eliminated, it has been suggested.

Vehicle safety company Smart Witness has called for all heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) to use technology that enables drivers to get a much clearer picture of what is around them.

The firm believes that by introducing new laws to make camera usage mandatory, the government can help to reduce the number of accidents involving trucks and cyclists on the UK's roads.

Simon Marsh - a spokesman for Smart Witness - thinks the cameras could also be fitted to coaches and construction vehicles.

"Long vehicles often have several blind spots and wing mirrors are simply not effective enough for the driver to see what is on his inside or outside, which is especially important if the driver is about to make a turn," he commented.

The company has voiced its concerns following a fatal accident in London on November 5th.

A cyclist was dragged underneath a lorry on the Mile End Road in east London after the driver failed to see him as he pulled away from a set of traffic lights.

On the same night, a coach collided with a bike, leaving the cyclist with serious injuries.

A new report released by Transport for London showed the number of "vulnerable road users", which includes cyclists, pedestrians and motorbike riders, being involved in accidents in the capital grew in 2012.

Overall, there was an eight per cent rise in the number of people killed or seriously injured in collisions when compared with 2011.

According to Smart Witness, nine cyclists have died on London's roads so far in 2013, which underlines the urgent need for the government to take action.

It claimed that seven of the nine incidents involved a lorry, so it makes sense for new regulations to be introduced that force fleet operators to adopt camera systems.

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Expert Opinion
We continue to be contacted by cyclists or their families who have suffered devastating injuries as a result of not being seen by large vehicles on the road.

“Sadly, these cases are often fatal or leave our clients needing specialist care and rehabilitation to help them recover from their injuries.

“We fully support the introduction of mandatory camera technology that will help to reduce the number of accidents involving trucks and cyclists and hope the Government takes urgent action in a bid to prevent further casualties.”
Stephen Nye, Partner

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