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Pensioner Wins Legal Battle After Fall At Starbucks

Specialist Injury Lawyers Secure Settlement To Cover Loss Of Mobility And Recovery


A retired pensioner left in agony when she suffered a torn hamstring after falling whilst walking on a wet surface in a coffee shop has received a four-figure settlement to aid her recovery.

Rosemarie Duggan, 71, from Perry Bar, Birmingham was left in severe pain when she fell on a greasy substance on the floor - which had been reported by another customer prior to the accident - as she was walking through Starbucks at the Bescot Retail Park, near Walsall.

Rosemarie was taken to Sandwell General Hospital to be examined after her fall and was given an x-ray on her leg. She was diagnosed with a torn hamstring and was given crutches, strong analgesia and anti-inflammatory cream to ease the pain.

As Rosemarie endured pain for over a year following the accident, she turned to specialist injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help advise her on her accident. Starbucks has now fully accepted liability and Irwin Mitchell has secured an undisclosed settlement for Rosemarie.

Following the accident Rosemarie suffered ongoing pain for several weeks, and her GP recommended that she attend physiotherapy sessions to help with her recovery. She also had to use crutches for three-and-a-half weeks but the extent of her injury left Rosemarie struggling to walk around for 14 months.

Kelly Ferguson, a specialist personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who represented Mrs Duggan, said: “Cafes, shops and other public places have a fundamental duty to ensure they are providing a safe environment for the people that use them.

“In this case, the spillage on the floor where Mrs Duggan fell had been reported to staff but they had failed to act on this. Starbucks admitted that they were in the wrong and we were able to secure a settlement. Mrs Duggan was out of action for months following her fall while her hamstring healed and she suffered from a loss of mobility.”

Rosemarie said: “Whilst walking through the coffee shop I suddenly fell as the floor was covered in a greasy substance from a spillage. I was in agony for a long time following the accident and was unable to get out and about as a result.

“My injuries took many months to heal and more than a full year on I have finally recovered from the accident. This could have been easily avoided if Starbucks had taken more care and put customer safety first, but I am pleased that I can now move forward with my life.”