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Boris Johnson Unveils London Cycling Plans

Mayor Announces £913 Million Infrastructure Programme


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

London mayor Boris Johnson has announced details of a huge £913 million programme aimed at improving infrastructure and safety for cyclists across the city.

Six cyclists were killed in the capital during a two-week period in November and this has sparked angry protests.

During the Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety event at City Hall, Mr Johnson said he understands that people are concerned about road safety standards in light of the recent tragedies.

However, rather than scrapping his vision for cycling in the city, he insisted the incidents have made him determined to deliver more routes for bikers to use.

He added a lot of effort has gone into improving road safety for cyclists and there is "much more in the pipeline".

"I think cyclists and I agree on almost everything we need to make the roads safer," he commented.

"The only difference between us is timing. I am constantly harassing Transport for London and my team here about delivery and I, too, would love to see change overnight."

Mr Johnson added that changes will take time because of a lack of capacity, rather than a shortage of funds.

Next week, the mayor will publish plans for segregated and semi-segregated cycle routes and backstreet 'Quietways' that will help bikers to avoid coming into contact with other road users. Mr Johnson also plans to announce 33 major junctions that are to be upgraded, making them less challenging and daunting for cyclists.

In February 2014, the winners of the 'Mini-Holland' competition will be revealed. As part of the scheme, four boroughs on the outskirts of London will share £100 million that will be used to create more provisions for cyclists.

The mayor is also working closely with transport companies to ensure drivers of heavy goods vehicles are looking out for more vulnerable road users. He will launch a Safer Lorry Scheme next year to check that lorries meet necessary safety standards.

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Expert Opinion
It is hugely important that cycling safety is improved, especially in urban areas where 75% of all cycling accidents occur on our roads.

“We welcome any measure that will attempt to address this issue as we have seen firsthand the consequences of cycling accidents and the impact that injuries sustained can have on people’s lives.

"In a collision between a bike and a lorry the cyclist is clearly extremely vulnerable and is likely to come away with serious injuries or worse, as has occurred in recent weeks.”
Colin Ettinger, Consultant