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Sheffield-Based Mesothelioma Treatment Trial Backed By Lawyers

Expert Comments As Trial Begins In South Yorkshire


By Rob Dixon

Legal experts specialising in helping victims of asbestos-related disease and their families to gain justice over such problems have welcomed the launch of a new trial to tackle mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to the material.

Experts at Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield are undertaking the research which involves the use of a virus designed to kill tumours but leave other, healthy cells unharmed.

Three patients have so far been given the dose, but it is hoped the work can be expanded in order to discover whether such treatment can extend lives or possibly lead to the development of a cure for the disease.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist asbestos-related disease team have vast amounts of expertise in helping people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, as well as the loved ones of those who have died from the cancer, to get justice over their exposure to asbestos.

Adrian Budgen, the national head of asbestos litigation who is based at the law firm’s Sheffield office, said: “It is fantastic that such innovative and potentially life-changing work is underway and particularly positive that it is happening in this part of the world.

“Areas such as Yorkshire and across the Midlands are among those most affected by the terrible legacy of asbestos exposure, with so many people developing conditions as a result of coming into contact with the material during work in heavy industry.

“However, it must also be remembered that asbestos has taken a heavy toll on others too and we have seen numerous cases when people have fallen ill decades after being exposed to it in schools, or other public buildings.

“Any work aimed at finding a cure to mesothelioma, which at this point remains incurable, is of course an important and potentially revolutionary step forward.

“The development of new and improved treatments must go hand in hand with the continued work by employers, councils and other organisations to properly manage the presence of asbestos and reduce the number of people exposed to the material every year.”

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