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Industrial Disease Verdict In Derby Asbestos Inquest

Case Highlights ‘Terrible Impact’ Of Deadly Material


By Rob Dixon

A verdict of death by industrial disease was recorded at an inquest into the death of a former Rolls-Royce employee from bronchial pneumonia due to asbestosis, after he left a statement outlining how he had come into contact with asbestos during his working life.

According to the Derby Telegraph, Dennis Hill, who died last year aged 82, outlined in the statement how he regularly used equipment which had asbestos brake linings during time working at the company between the 1950s and 1970s.

He added that bits of the lining would be worn away and cause dust to fall on him during his work.

Recording a verdict of death due to an industrial disease, Deputy Coroner Paul McCandless said it was “more likely than not” that Mr Hill, from Littleover, died as a result of asbestosis.

Adrian Budgen, a Partner and national head of Irwin Mitchell’s asbestos-related disease team, represents people who have suffered industrial disease as a result of exposure to the deadly material in a variety of environments, including former employees of Rolls-Royce.

Commenting on this inquest ruling, he said: “This is another tragic case which highlights the terrible impact that asbestos can have on lives, often decades after people have first come into contact with the material.

“However, exposure to asbestos is not just limited to those who have worked in industrial settings, as we see many cases in which people believe they have come into contact with the material in public buildings such as schools and hospitals.

“We would call on current employers to use this case as an example of the clear dangers that asbestos can pose and urge them to ensure they are taking steps to prevent their workers from being exposed to the material.”

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