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‘I Feel Completely Humiliated’, Says Victim Filmed By Dr Davinderjit Bains

Medical Law Experts Work To Secure Specialist Treatment To Help Victims Of Pervert GP


By Helen MacGregor

A woman filmed getting undressed by her GP with a hidden camera in his watch has spoken of her relief that he has been found guilty of ‘appalling’ crimes but said no sentence could make up for the mental scars she and other victims have been left with.

The patient, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she feels ‘violated’ and has ‘lost all faith in the NHS’ after she fell victim to Dr Davinderjit Bains’ sickening catalogue of crime at Tinkers Lane Surgery in Royal Wootton Bassett in 2010.

During a hearing at Swindon Crown Court earlier this month Dr Bains pleaded guilty to 39 sexual offences, on top of a further 65 offences to be taken in to consideration, but lawyers at Irwin Mitchell helping victims to overcome their ordeals, say the criminal conviction is only the start of their battle for justice.

Luke Daniels, a medical law expert at Irwin Mitchell who is representing victims of Dr Bains, said: “This man massively abused the position of trust in which he was placed and carried out the most horrendous crimes that continue to have a devastating effect on dozens of women.

“My client was vulnerable and put her trust in Dr Bains but he abused this in the most degrading way possible as part of his sick catalogue of crimes.

“Whilst my clients are relieved that he has pleaded guilty, many of them continue to suffer psychologically as a result of the horrific abuse he carried out and need specialist treatment to help them come to terms with what happened. We are working to help them secure this.

“We now urge NHS Wiltshire, the local primary care trust, to make public the findings of its own investigation to reassure the victims and current patients that everything is being done to prevent a similar atrocious crime from happening again.”

The victim, in her early 30s, first learnt something was wrong when she was contacted by an old colleague who said the police were looking for her and she needed to ring them.

The police asked her to attend the station where she was shown a still-shot taken from the video footage of her getting undressed at the surgery.

She said: “My first reaction was complete shock and I asked them where they got the photo from. When they told me it was taken from video footage recorded by Dr Bains I felt absolutely disgusted and couldn’t stop crying.

“I felt violated and humiliated and couldn’t help wondering who else had seen the footage. It made me feel sick knowing that he made the video when I was so vulnerable.

“I can’t express the relief I feel now that he had pleaded guilty and I am glad for the other women that were sexually abused by Dr Bains, as well as being filmed, that he will never be able to hurt any other patients.

“However, this has had a huge impact on my life and I am struggling to move on. I now have problems with trusting people and remain very angry at being put in that situation completely oblivious to what was actually going on. I’m sad to admit it but I have lost faith in the NHS.

“I hope now that the NHS learns any lessons it can from this and measures are put in place to prevent the same thing from happening again. I don’t doubt the horror of what I was put through will stay with me forever but I hope that by sharing my story, it raises the importance of abuse victims reporting what’s happening to protect them and others.”

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